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Why Is Tower Insurance [NZX:TWR] Up 10% This Month?

It’s a tricky question: where do you find shelter in a tough economy? Well, this defensive business offering steady income could offer just the ticket.

Why Is Tourism Holdings [NZX:THL] Up 15% This Month?

It’s no secret: international travel is surging. Is it time to cash in? Here’s why a tourism bonanza could be just getting started.

The Rise and Rise of Infratil [NZX:IFT] [ASX:IFT]

Are you looking for New Zealand’s most dynamic infrastructure company? Well, Infratil might just fit the bill. Here’s why.

NZX Picked Bare: Hermit Property Kingdom Falters

There’s no hiding it: New Zealand is looking like a wasteland for investors these days. But is it still possible to find value and growth?

Why the Westpac [NZX:WBC][ASX:WBC] Share Price Is Up 4.2% Today  

There’s reason for positivity as Westpac announces a share buyback today. Could this Company present upside in an inflationary environment?

Happier, Stronger, Richer: The Investment Life Hack That’ll Change Everything

I started investing in the NZX at 17. That’s the best time to begin investing. Young people are fearless, and time is on their side.

The Number One Factor Limiting Your Wealth

When it comes to investing, you must face the fear of losing money. Not all your investments will work out or make as much as you think.

Why the NZME [NZX:NZM] Share Price Is Up 89% This Year

It is a stunning development. The share price for Kiwi media conglomerate NZME has surged, defying the critics. How did this happen?

Why the Airbnb Share Price Is Up 17% This Month

After being down and out for most of 2021, Airbnb appears to have caught a second wind. Is this stock a hidden opportunity worth buying into?

Why the Westpac Share Price Is Down 6.5% Today

Despite achieving a net profit of over 138%, the Westpac share price took a tumble today. Could this present a buying opportunity?

Why the Pacific Edge [NZX:PEB] Share Price Is on the Move

Kiwi company Pacific Edge is planning to dual-list on the ASX. Should investors be optimistic? Here’s our analysis of this stock’s potential.

Gone Sour: Why Has the a2 Milk [NZX.ATM] [ASX.A2M] Share Price Tumbled?

a2 Milk used to be the ultimate dairy darling. But, in recent months, its share price has taken blow after blow. Why is this happening?

Cannabis Upswing: Rua Bioscience [NZX.RUA] Peaks at 5.26%

This New Zealand cannabis company experienced a sharp surge on the stock market today. What’s the reason for all the optimism?

Contact Energy’s [NZX:CEN] [ASX:CEN] Equity Raise and Share Purchase Plan

Contact Energy’s new equity raise looks intriguing. But what’s really happening under the hood? We do a deep analysis of the company.

You Can’t Ignore the Potential of This Small-Cap Stock

It’s a promising New Zealand small-cap company you may not have heard of. Here’s why this brand is inspiring fierce loyalty around the world.