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Why the NZME [NZX:NZM] Share Price Is Up 89% This Year

It is a stunning development. The share price for Kiwi media conglomerate NZME has surged, defying the critics. How did this happen?

Why the Airbnb Share Price Is Up 17% This Month

After being down and out for most of 2021, Airbnb appears to have caught a second wind. Is this stock a hidden opportunity worth buying into?

Why the Westpac Share Price Is Down 6.5% Today

Despite achieving a net profit of over 138%, the Westpac share price took a tumble today. Could this present a buying opportunity?

Why the Pacific Edge [NZX:PEB] Share Price Is on the Move

Kiwi company Pacific Edge is planning to dual-list on the ASX. Should investors be optimistic? Here’s our analysis of this stock’s potential.

Happier, Stronger, Richer: The Investment Life Hack That’ll Change Everything

I started investing in the NZX at 17. That’s the best time to begin investing. Young people are fearless, and time is on their side.

Gone Sour: Why Has the a2 Milk [NZX.ATM] [ASX.A2M] Share Price Tumbled?

a2 Milk used to be the ultimate dairy darling. But, in recent months, its share price has taken blow after blow. Why is this happening?

Cannabis Upswing: Rua Bioscience [NZX.RUA] Peaks at 5.26%

This New Zealand cannabis company experienced a sharp surge on the stock market today. What’s the reason for all the optimism?

Contact Energy’s [NZX:CEN] [ASX:CEN] Equity Raise and Share Purchase Plan

Contact Energy’s new equity raise looks intriguing. But what’s really happening under the hood? We do a deep analysis of the company.

You Can’t Ignore the Potential of This Small-Cap Stock

It’s a promising New Zealand small-cap company you may not have heard of. Here’s why this brand is inspiring fierce loyalty around the world.

Global Investing: What Inspired Me to Take the Leap of Faith

Small-cap investing is about embracing both risk and potential. Here are two promising Kiwi stocks worth taking a closer look at.

Infratil [NZX:IFT][ASX:IFT] Up 20% on Offer: Could It Be Worth More?

It’s a potential deal that’s gotten tongues wagging. AustralianSuper is making a takeover bid for Kiwi infrastructure company Infratil.

Investing in the Retail Industry: A Hidden Global Opportunity for You?

The global retail market is huge, recording over US$20 trillion in sales annually. Is it time to capture a slice of it?

Cannabis Upset: Share Prices Tumble for Cannasouth [NZX:CBD] and Rua [NZX:RUA]

The suspense is over. We now have a strong clue about which way New Zealanders voted on the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.

Why the Air New Zealand [NZX:AIR] [ASX:AIZ] Share Price Is Down 3%

The bear rears its ugly head. Air New Zealand was caught up today in wider market fears of a Covid resurgence. Here’s how it happened…

Small-Cap Stocks: Why They Should Be on Everyone’s Radar

Small-cap investing is about embracing both risk and potential. Here are two promising Kiwi small-caps worth taking a closer look at…