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Charlie Munger: 1924–2023

Charlie Munger was more than just an investor. He was a teacher. A mentor. Here’s what we can learn from his gritty, tough-as-nails wisdom.

Top Tips For Advertising Your Air Conditioning Business

In a competitive market, effective advertising is essential to the success of any business, and the air conditioning industry is no exception. As the demand for air conditioning solutions increases, strategically marketing your air conditioning business can help you stand out from your competitors and attract a steady stream of customers. This article provides some important tips to improve your advertising efforts and grow your air conditioning business.

Goat Testicles, The Stock Scam, and Protecting Your Wealth

Everyone talks about growing wealth. But what about protecting wealth? Here’s one high-value area with defensive qualities that’s worth paying attention to.

The Humble Potato: Saviour of the Western World?

It’s an unlikely hero. A courageous survivor. A resilient immigrant. This is the surprising story of how the potato changed our civilisation forever.

Portfolio Update: November 2023 — Boarding Now

Forget fear. This is the strongest November rally we’ve seen in years. Here’s why the market is surging ahead with astonishing optimism now.

1,000% Surge in 2023: Is This AI Boom Too Dangerous?

Robotics and automation have catapulted this AI stock to dizzying heights this year. But is it too speculative for its own good?

Simon Angelo: Your Next 10,000 Days

It’s the unspoken truth: your life is divided into three productive phases. If you want financial freedom, you need to master this rare skill.

How To Spot A Good Real Estate Opportunity

A good real estate opportunity can be hard to find. It’s why you’ve got to be on the lookout for the signs of one from the moment you decide to make an investment. Otherwise you could miss out on the best property, the best deal, and the best bit of money you’ve ever made! But how are you supposed to spot one? Here are a few pointers you’ll want to keep in mind. 

The Quiet Death: Is Your Bank Robbing You?

Parking your money in the bank is the safe thing to do. But you may be giving up much more freedom than you realise. Here’s why.

Game Changer: Could This Business Revolutionise an Industry?

Every speculative investor dreams of discovering a diamond in the rough. A 100-bagger. But is the high level of risk worth it?

The Future of Money: Bitcoin, Banks, BRICS, and CBDCs

The rise of digital currencies has provoked controversy. Is physical cash on the way out? Simon Angelo looks at who stands to lose and who stands to win.

Getting Rich Slowly: The Secret to Success?

Let’s face it: everyone wants to make money in a hurry. But the most significant wealth generator may actually be the power of compounding.

How To Do More With Your Commercial Properties

In many ways, investing in commercial properties is no different from residential real estate. However, the markets are very different and your approach to the investments should reflect this. When they do, you’ll be far better positioned to secure bigger contracts and maintain high occupancy levels.

Fire of the Titans: The Next Petroleum Superpower?

Right now, we are now facing a turning point for global energy. So could this major new discovery create a breakthrough for contrarian investors?

Simon Angelo: How the Rich Are Slaying Inflation

Inflation is a terrifying beast. It chomps away at your wealth, destroying it. Here’s how you can defeat this enemy and gain lasting victory.