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Anchor Yourself in Courage: Here’s How

The best investors have perfect mastery of their emotions. They have their eyes firmly fixed on the long-term horizon. Here’s why it matters.

Why Cutting Costs Isn’t Always the Best Business Move

Sometimes, it’s about greed, and other times; it truly is about having some financial stability when running a business. Sometimes, cutting costs can lead to business success. But usually, in the quest for financial stability, many businesses turn to cost-cutting as a quick fix. In fact, there are so many cost-cutting tips out there, and all of them are in the name of helping businesses survive. While it can provide immediate relief, relying solely on slashing expenses can lead to more problems down the road. 

Rare Earths: A New Balance of Power?

Electronics. Energy. Defence. Critical metals are urgently in all these areas. Here’s why a new cycle for mineral mining is about to begin.

The Future of Finance: Trends to Watch and How to Prepare

As technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our lives, the world of finance is no exception. Artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, digital banking, and other financial innovations are all part of the rapidly changing financial landscape, which offers both opportunities and challenges to organizations and consumers. This comprehensive guide will explore key trends shaping the future of finance and provide valuable insights on how you can prepare for the changes ahead.

Iran and Israel: What’s Happening?

The headlines are scary. The shadow war in the Middle East appears to be heating up. But has the fear been oversold? What’s really at stake here?

The Quiet Corners of Wealth: Insights Beyond the Conventional

In the buzzing world of finance and asset growth, there’s a lot of noise about what to do to boost your wealth. But, the real game-changers? They’re whispered about, not shouted. Today, let’s dive into some unique wealth-building strategies that are a bit off the beaten path but might just be the edge you need.

Hands Off! Is Your Capital Safe?

You have worked hard. You have built up your wealth. But ask yourself: how can you protect your assets from predatory bureaucrats?

Truth Social vs Mainstream Media

Forget the legacy media. Is a brave new world of alternative platforms emerging? Here’s where contrarian investors are now searching for value and truth.

Simon Angelo: Beating This Recession

It’s easy enough to feel sour over this downturn. But how can Kiwi investors look beyond the economic fear and emerge victorious on the other side?

EV or Not? Why Growth Is Hitting a Red Light

Electric cars were once seen as the perfect solution by environmentalists. But right now, the industry is suffering setback after setback. Why?

Stock Market Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing

If you’re a beginner looking to begin your investing journey, you’ve likely been inspired by some of the biggest personalities in the world, especially those who have made their fortunes by making savvy business moves and investing in the right stock at the right time. The good news is that with the right mindset and a hunger to learn, you may find success fast in the realm of investing. 

Revisiting Japan: A Rebellious Choice?

Once upon a time, it looked like Japan might overtake America. But then, suddenly, its economy crashed. 30 years on, is there still value to be found here?

Portfolio Update: March 2024 — A Tale of Two Halves

Investors who had the courage to deploy in the first half of March were clearly rewarded in the second half. Here’s our analysis on why the financial tide is turning.

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: New Zealand in Recession

We talk to Reality Check Radio about our Kiwi economic downturn. Is it possible to find light at the end of this dark tunnel?

The Contrarian’s Income: 7.12%

Does it pay to go against the grain? Well, here’s why investors who are income-hungry are now ready to pounce on this undervalued sector.