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Rishi Sunak: How He Made $3.5m in 2022

There’s no hiding it: the British prime minister is young and wealthy. But look beyond the politics of envy. Here’s what smart investors can learn from him.

Our Doomsday Glacier: It’s Not What You Think

Forget climate change. Our biggest existential threat is close at hand, and it’s tied to our demographic crisis. Is it too late to stop it?

5 Types Of Investments That Are Always Smart

Investing is a smart way to grow your money and create long-term wealth. However, not all investments are created equal, and some carry a higher degree of risk than others. It’s important to understand the different types of investments available and choose the ones that are best suited to your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment timeline. In this article, we’ll explore some types of investments that are always smart, regardless of market conditions.

Is Your Wealth Safe in New Zealand?

The smartest investors in the country are already diversifying their assets globally. Here are three urgent reasons why you need to consider doing this.

Collateral Damage: What Happens When Rates Rise?

Rising interest rates usually lead to a recession. Does this make you feel anxious? Well, here’s our recipe for looking ahead and preparing for the next boom cycle.

Essential Building Blocks Required To Open Your Own Business Today

Starting your own business can be a totally life changing experience, but it’s fair to say that it’s not an easy journey to undertake. There are countless twists and turns that can throw you off course, and there’s a near constant risk that the time and energy you put into your new business endeavor will all go to waste.

Is Your Money Safe in the Bank?

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has stunned the world. But is the fear overdone? Here’s the real story that journalists aren’t telling you.

Quantum Leap: Mobility Business Ready to Soar

Are you sick of crowded roads? Maybe it’s time to go airborne. This revolutionary Company is promising to deliver a solution that’s space-age.

Four Questions To Ask Before You Move

Which comes first, your first home or your next home? Finances are a major source of tension for many first-time homeowners because of the need to both put down a sizable initial investment and commit to decades of mortgage payments. As a result, it’s common for prospective homebuyers to miss out on crucial steps.

3 Things To Consider Before You Take Out A Loan

It’s relatively easy to borrow money. If you’re considering a major purchase or if you’re thinking about borrowing money to pay off an existing debt, there will be banks and other loan providers willing to consider your application if you meet their requirements. 

But before you take out a loan, there are a few considerations that need to be made. As such, you shouldn’t fill out that loan application too hastily as you should take a step back and consider the following.

The Market Is Shocked: No Recession Yet

It’s official: the economists were wrong about the recession. We are still experiencing an expansion. What does this mean for interest rates?

Economic Warning: Standing Up for New Zealand

Is economic opportunity vanishing from New Zealand? That’s a terrifying thought. Here’s why we need to rethink the trajectory of our nation.

Is Bitcoin Back? When Fear Turns to Greed

Did you miss it? Bitcoin is starting to move again. As fear recedes in the market, the bulls are starting to nibble. Should you be paying attention to this?

‘New Zealand Property Always Goes Up’

Kiwis have been overly dependent on property investing for too long. Now the bubble is finally popping. Here’s what it’s really costing us, in real-time.

How To Use Healthcare Data To Maximize Profit

Healthcare data is one of the most powerful tools healthcare businesses can use to maximize their profits. When used correctly, healthcare data can give businesses valuable insights into their operations and help them make more informed decisions. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers need help with big data analytics, finding it hard to make sense of the data they capture and provide timely interpretation and visualization.