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Why Is Tower Insurance [NZX:TWR] Up 10% This Month?

It’s an tricky question: where do you find shelter in a tough economy? Well, this defensive business offering steady income could offer just the ticket.

Inflation’s Hero: How You Can Capture Value Through Tough Times

As an investor, are you forward-looking or backward-looking? The surprising answer to this question could have a huge impact on your wealth.

The Fall of Bitcoin: Your $2 Trillion Chance to Capitalise?

Scandalous. Shocking. The collapse of FTX has sent the crypto world into a tailspin. But the good news is that this contrarian strategy could be the perfect antidote.

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in the Current Economy

Inflation has created a dual-edged sword in the NZ commercial property market. But is there still opportunity for investors to prosper through this cycle?

Why Is Tourism Holdings [NZX:THL] Up 15% This Month?

It’s no secret: international travel is surging. Is it time to cash in? Here’s why a tourism bonanza could be just getting started.

You Can Prosper: Finding Truth in a Noisy World

Prophets of doom. Fearmongers. If you listen to them, you might think the world is about to end. But here’s the case for optimism and resillience.

The Power of Focus: Will Facebook Fail?

Facebook was once a tech darling. But there are signs now that its star is fading. Is Mark Zuckerberg making a big mistake by embracing the metaverse?

China’s Vanishing Millionaires: Could You Profit From This?

China used to be the growth engine of the world economy. But is it now running out of gas? This is why wealthy Chinese are packing their bags.

Lithium: Did You Miss the Battery Gold Rush?

Lithium is at the centre of the clean-energy buzz. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? We reveal what the mainstream media won’t tell you.

Vistafolio Update: Stocks Come Roaring Back in October

Surprise, surprise. The markets have defied the naysayers, bouncing back with an exceptionally strong showing. Here’s why it’s time to be decisive.

The New Gold Standard: Our Next Investor Café Event

Yes, this is a tough market. But courageous investors have the opportunity to fly high when the tide turns. This is how you could benefit by thinking differently.

Get Ready: The Next Bull Market Is Coming

Everyone is obsessing about the roaring bear. But they miss one thing. The stampeding bull is coming in hot, and contrarian investors are set to prosper.

Recession-Proof? This Cockroach Business Could Ride Things Out

Recession. It’s a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many people. But this resillient company could actually benefit from economic jitters. Here’s why.

The Great Rat Massacre: Lessons for Investors

Compliance. Bureaucracy. Inefficiency. All this has served to drive down living standards in Auckland City. Here’s why we need clarity of focus and vision now.

Income Nears 10%: Could You Become ‘Work Optional’?

This energy company is one of the largest in the world. Is it undervalued? Here’s why this stock offers the perfect mix of growth and income.