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Assassination Attempt: How Does the Market React?

A attempt on a political leader’s life is always scary. But look beyond the headlines. Has the fear been oversold? What’s really at stake here?

Financial Genius: The Bernard Garrett Story

What do you do when you’re faced with a racial roadblock? This is the astonishing story of how one man used capitalism to overcome prejudice.

New Zealand: Accelerating Our Wealth Engine

This is a bold question: how can we double our national income in the shortest time possible? Well, here’s one courageous solution that we need to consider.

Are Stupid People Destroying Your Wealth?

Our society faces a serious challenge. Many of our policymakers have no clue on how to create wealth. So, what can we do about this?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Trump vs. Biden?

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the uncertain rise of conservative politics in America and France. Is this creating positive momentum for the markets?

Forget AI: Is This the Next Big Opportunity?

For speculative investors, it’s tempting to go all in on AI. But are they overlooking an alternative idea that has the potential to be just as bullish?

Small-Caps: The Next Bull Market?

Right now, we’re seeing a festival of greed. Investors are stampeding for large tech stocks in America. But is this creating a value gap in smaller companies?

Ravenous Hunger: War, Crash, or Bull?

We’ve reached the halfway mark for 2024. So, what comes next? Good news? Bad news? Here’s why it’s time to look at some evergreen truths from the past.

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: CBDCs in Our Banking System

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the Reserve Bank of New Zealand introducing its very own digital currency. Is this an emerging threat to your freedom?

AI and Fintech: 2 New Boom Industries?

Artificial intelligence and financial technology could transform our economy. Is this the start of a new Industrial Revolution?

Bitcoin Income: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin is one of the most volatile growth assets in recent memory. It’s risky, but is it possible for investors to get income yield from it?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: CBDCs, Gold, and Flying Cars?!

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies, the outlook for gold, and a potential opportunity beyond the radar: airborne rideshare.

Chinese Gold: An Urgent Trend?

The Chinese have fallen out of love with property. They are now flocking to gold. What impact will this have on the wider economy?

Is the Media Destroying Your Wealth?

What do plane disasters and market disasters have in common? Well, exaggerated news coverage. Here’s why it’s time to look beyond the fear.

Trump’s Revenge: The Stock Market

The aftermath of Donald Trump’s trial has provoked controversy. Is freedom and fairness in America at stake here? We take a critical look at the road ahead.