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The Next Space Race: Could This Moonshot Company Profit?

It’s official: mankind is returning to the Moon. The next stop? Potentially Mars. Here’s how speculative investors could take advantage of this.

ESG Investing: Woke Agenda or World Saving?

Once upon a time, ESG investing was hip and cool. Everyone wanted to sign up. But now the cracks are showing. What should smart investors do?

Growth + Dividend > 23%: Is This NZX Small-Cap Ready to Fly?

Inflation is the greatest swindler of all. To protect your wealth, you need a combination of growth and income. Could this Kiwi stock could tick all the boxes?

House Price Crunch: NZ’s Capital Allocation Disaster

There’s no hiding it: Kiwis are obsessed with housing. We put more wealth in this asset class than any other. Are we due for a reckoning?

Is This Your Biggest Money Mistake?

Are you looking for crystal balls and silver bullets? Well, watch out. Here’s why you could be using the wrong financial compass.

Partnership Interests Available in NZ Cherries

Are you a wholesale investor? Deep Creek Fruits is inviting you to participate in the next phase of its cherry orchard and packhouse development.

Speculating on Bonds: A Hedge Against Fear?

Buckle up. We’re entering a new age of higher interest rates. Debt-holders may be grieving, but one group of investors are smiling ear to ear. Here’s why.

Property Dims: Where Is the Smart Money Going?

80% of Kiwi wealth is now in housing. But as property takes a dip, is it time to reconsider? Here’s why smart investors need to diversify.

Upside on the NZX: Why These Companies Are Ready to Grow

Kiwi stocks are usually expensive and overbought. But has recent weakness created fresh opportunity? Here are 2 gems worth exploring.

Fast Bullies or Slow Bullies? New Zealand’s Political Choice

Politics and power are intertwined. But has the bully pulpit gone too far? Here’s why the left and the right are treating us like sheep.

Investor Café in September: Inflation’s Revenge

Inflation is the biggest economic challenge we face today. Can investors stay ahead of this monster? Well, here’s what it will take.

Vistafolio Update: Bear Stalks Back in August

We’re seeing the return of pessimism. But there’s a silver lining: it’s giving us the opportunity to capture outstanding value. Here’s why we’re buying.

Battle for the Metaverse: A $2 Trillion Opportunity?

The metaverse will bridge the gap between the virtual and the real. Is it worth a speculative punt? Here’s how investors can make a smart play for the future.

Bad News: You’re Destroying Your Wealth

Every day, we are bombarded with negative headlines. So is there any room for positivity at all? Well, surprisingly, yes. Here’s the unspoken truth.

Is Now the Time to Buy a House in New Zealand?

Rising interest rates have led to property values dipping across the country. So what’s at stake for investors? Well, here’s what the future holds.