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The New Renaissance: RIP Woke

The next cultural uprising is on the cards. But this time, socialism is on the retreat. Here’s why conservatism has become fashionable in the West again.

The Fog of War: Is It Clouding Your Vision?

Muddled thinking leads to muddled results. This is why people keep making disastrous decisions. But here’s how you can learn to see through the fog.

The AI Revolution (Part One)

Is artificial intelligence a looming threat? Or is it a pathway to greater efficiency and productivity? This is Part One of our investigative series.

$85,000 Passive Income: Investing for Freedom

Are you hungry for financial freedom? Well, to get there, you’re going to need diversified income. Here’s how a holistic strategy could help.

Portfolio Update: February 2024 — The Last Mile

When waging war against inflation, the final push to victory can often be the hardest. Here’s why it’s allowing us to capture strong value for the future.

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Kiwi Property and Financial Freedom

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the future of the Kiwi housing market. In this wide-ranging interview, we uncover the financial facts that matters the most to you.

Is Your Retirement in Danger? (Part Two)

Tough times require tough solutions. Here’s how smart retirees are tackling our nation’s money problem. This is Part Two of our investigative series.

Investing During a Storm?

Are you waiting for the turbulent market to stabilise before investing? Well, believe it or not, the best time to invest could be during a storm.

AI: The Next Secular Bull Cycle?

Ask yourself: could more things happen in the next 20 years than the last 200? Here’s how robotics and automation might transform our social landscape.

Is Your Retirement in Danger? (Part One)

People are retiring in bigger numbers than ever before. But is there a heavy price to be paid? This is Part One of our investigative series.

Dollar’s Demise? Tucking into Putin

Vladimir Putin has declared that the US dollar needs to be dethroned. How credible is his challenge? What’s really at stake here?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Putin and the American Dollar

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the future of the American dollar. In this wide-ranging interview, we dig deep, separating myth from fact.

Maximum Upside: War, Greece, and Logistics

It’s the golden rule of value investing. Sharpen your upside, while protecting your downside. To do this, we’re watching three emerging trends for 2024.

Are You Allergic to Losing Money?

There’s an ebb and flow to the market cycle. But are you misreading the signs? Here’s why being contrarian might be healthier in the long run.

The End of China? Here’s Why the Dragon Is Falling

Once upon a time, everyone believed that China would overtake America. But surprise, surprise. The Chinese economy is now fading, even as America accelerates ahead.