Small Cap Stocks

The riskiest shares on the stock market are often the most rewarding. These are called small cap stocks.

Small cap stocks are the companies that have the potential to obtain high gains, but you may ask yourself can I handle the risk of investing in a small cap stock for such a big potential of a reward.

If you look back in April 2004 A2 Milk was selling at 33 cents per share.

In December 2019 it is now worth $15.26 per share.

Therefore, if you had invested $1,000 back in 2004 as of 2019 that $1,000 worth of shares in A2 Milk would be worth over $46,000.

Putting $1,000 on the line for such a big potential gain could be something worth thinking about.

These stocks are where the real big gains can be made. But can you stomach the risk for the rich rewards?

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