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Rare Earths: A New Balance of Power?

Electronics. Energy. Defence. Critical metals are urgently in all these areas. Here’s why a new cycle for mineral mining is about to begin.

Truth Social vs Mainstream Media

Forget the legacy media. Is a brave new world of alternative platforms emerging? Here’s where contrarian investors are now searching for value and truth.

EV or Not? Why Growth Is Hitting a Red Light

Electric cars were once seen as the perfect solution by environmentalists. But right now, the industry is suffering setback after setback. Why?

Portfolio Update: March 2024 — A Tale of Two Halves

Investors who had the courage to deploy in the first half of March were clearly rewarded in the second half. Here’s our analysis on why the financial tide is turning.

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: New Zealand in Recession

We talk to Reality Check Radio about our Kiwi economic downturn. Is it possible to find light at the end of this dark tunnel?

The Contrarian’s Income: 7.12%

Does it pay to go against the grain? Well, here’s why investors who are income-hungry are now ready to pounce on this undervalued sector.

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Bitcoin’s New High

We talk to Reality Check Radio about Bitcoin and the future of digital currency. Amidst rumour and controversy, what exactly is the truth here?

Bitcoin: Fear, Greed, and Freedom

Bitcoin is surging, hitting a new record price. Is this the start of a new speculative cycle? Or is there something more profound happening?

A Religious Experience: Time to Invest?

What’s the difference between a good investor and a bad investor? Well, one critical ingredient: enlightenment. Here’s why self-awareness matters so much.

The AI Revolution (Part Two)

A new arms race is happening right now. The goal? To build the fastest microchips for artificial intelligence. This is Part Two of our investigative series.

The New Renaissance: RIP Woke

The next cultural uprising is on the cards. But this time, socialism is on the retreat. Here’s why conservatism has become fashionable in the West again.

The Fog of War: Is It Clouding Your Vision?

Muddled thinking leads to muddled results. This is why people keep making disastrous decisions. But here’s how you can learn to see through the fog.

The AI Revolution (Part One)

Is artificial intelligence a looming threat? Or is it a pathway to greater efficiency and productivity? This is Part One of our investigative series.

$85,000 Passive Income: Investing for Freedom

Are you hungry for financial freedom? Well, to get there, you’re going to need diversified income. Here’s how a holistic strategy could help.

Portfolio Update: February 2024 — The Last Mile

When waging war against inflation, the final push to victory can often be the hardest. Here’s why it’s allowing us to capture strong value for the future.