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AI and Fintech: 2 New Boom Industries?

Artificial intelligence and financial technology could transform our economy. Is this the start of a new Industrial Revolution?

Bitcoin Income: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin is one of the most volatile growth assets in recent memory. It’s risky, but is it possible for investors to get income yield from it?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: CBDCs, Gold, and Flying Cars?!

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies. Is this an emerging threat to your freedom?

Chinese Gold: An Urgent Trend?

The Chinese have fallen out of love with property. They are now flocking to gold. What impact will this have on the wider economy?

Is the Media Destroying Your Wealth?

What do plane disasters and market disasters have in common? Well, exaggerated news coverage. Here’s why it’s time to look beyond the fear.

Trump’s Revenge: The Stock Market

The aftermath of Donald Trump’s trial has provoked controversy. Is freedom and fairness in America at stake here? We take a critical look at the road ahead.

35%+ Discount: Kiwi Property on the NZX

There’s no hiding it: rising rates have hammered NZ property assets. But is this creating a rare discount? Should investors explore this further?

Portfolio Update: May 2024 — Bobbing Up

The interest-rate outlook for the Eurozone is starting to move the markets. For forward-looking investors, this final stretch could be a great time to capture value.

Simon Angelo: The Next Black Swan

The stock market is incredibly adaptable. It has the ability to price in the future. But what happens when an unexpected fear event hits us?

Taiwan: Rolling the Dice?

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been brewing for over 70 years now. We go behind the headlines and reveal the unspoken truth.

Growth Engine: How to Compound Wealth

Investing is about optimism. People invest because they believe the future will be brighter. But what happens when they have to deal with pessimism right now?

Optionality: How to Beat the Cost-of-Living Crisis

There’s no hiding it. Everyone has been feeling the tight squeeze of inflation. But here’s the good news: there’s an obvious way to futureproof ourselves.

America: Tech Boom or Real Estate Recovery?

The market in the USA is the most popular in the world. It’s a crowded space. Competition is fierce. But despite the odds, is it still possible to find value here?

Don’t Panic: This Is How History Is Made

You already know this: we’re living in a time of heightened anxiety. But if you’re a resilient investor, you may benefit if you look beyond the turbulence.

Simon Angelo: Big Bank Profits

Are the banks greedy and heartless? Or do they have a valuable role to play in our society? We take an inside look at how this industry actually works.