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Income Nears 10%: Could You Become ‘Work Optional’?

This energy company is one of the largest in the world. Is it undervalued? Here’s why this stock offers the perfect mix of growth and income.

Planting Wealth: You Reap What You Sow

Here’s the million-dollar question: are you planting your wealth in the right places? Here’s why diversification could help you flourish in the long run.

A Boring British Business That Could Pay Handsomely

Crisis or opening? The British pound and stock market are being pushed down by fear. But here’s why courageous investors shouldn’t be deterred.

Porsche IPO: Value Trap or Special Opportunity?

Classy. Elegant. Legendary. In our exclusive report, we take a look under the hood of this luxury carmaker and figure out if it’s a worthy buy.

A Property Investor’s Dream? Potential Yield: 9%+

The headlines don’t lie: house prices are slipping. But if you’re smart and agile, you can find a better way to invest in property. Could this be it?

Why I’m Upping My Investing Right Now: Vistafolio Update

September is historically the worst month for the stock market. But it’s time to look past the fear. Here’s why a golden opportunity is emerging.

Inflationary Disaster: Good Time to Invest?

Debt-holders are getting a tough dose of medicine this year. But could this bitter inflationary pill actually provide us with diamonds in the rough?

The Next Space Race: Could This Moonshot Company Profit?

It’s official: mankind is returning to the Moon. The next stop? Potentially Mars. Here’s how speculative investors could take advantage of this.

ESG Investing: Woke Agenda or World Saving?

Once upon a time, ESG investing was hip and cool. Everyone wanted to sign up. But now the cracks are showing. What should smart investors do?

Growth + Dividend > 23%: Is This NZX Small-Cap Ready to Fly?

Inflation is the greatest swindler of all. To protect your wealth, you need a combination of growth and income. Could this Kiwi stock could tick all the boxes?

House Price Crunch: NZ’s Capital Allocation Disaster

There’s no hiding it: Kiwis are obsessed with housing. We put more wealth in this asset class than any other. Are we due for a reckoning?

Partnership Interests Available in NZ Cherries

Are you a wholesale investor? Deep Creek Fruits is inviting you to participate in the next phase of its cherry orchard and packhouse development.

Speculating on Bonds: A Hedge Against Fear?

Buckle up. We’re entering a new age of higher interest rates. Debt-holders may be grieving, but one group of investors are smiling ear to ear. Here’s why.

Property Dims: Where Is the Smart Money Going?

80% of Kiwi wealth is now in housing. But as property takes a dip, is it time to reconsider? Here’s why smart investors need to diversify.

Upside on the NZX: Why These Companies Are Ready to Grow

Kiwi stocks are usually expensive and overbought. But has recent weakness created fresh opportunity? Here are 2 gems worth exploring.