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Dead Money: Are You Missing Out on Opportunity?

These days, the easiest thing to do is to wait and see. Stay frozen. Take no action. But is your procrastination costing you? Here’s the critical opportunity you’re missing out on.

Vistafolio Review: Defending Your Wealth in 2022

Despite the turbulent headlines, we managed to defy the odds in 2022. We successfully outperformed most investments. Here’s why our carefully curated strategy paid off.

Where Billionaires Invest: A New Mining Paradigm

Forget China. The world is now moving towards an alternative energy future. A new wave of mining beckons. Here’s where the smart money is flowing.

A Decade of Chaos? Two Paths for the 2020s

Inflation. Disruption. Anger. We’re facing a critical turning point in the 21st century. Here’s what the spirit of the times has in store for investors.

Big Winners in 2022: These 4 Stocks Rose Up to 89%

This is our first real bear market in over a decade. But look past the anxiety. These 4 companies still prevailed and posted positive gains. Here’s our inside scoop.

The Next Wealth Trend? Top Sectors I’m Looking at for 2023

2022 has been the year of pessimism. But now that inflation has been priced in, what comes next for 2023? Here’s where we see incredible promise and potential.

Saving the World: Pharma Opportunities for 2023

Stronger. Healthier. Older. By curing disease, the pharmaceutical industry is now worth over $1.4 trillion. Here’s one cutting-edge company we have our eye on.

Choke Point: How Will a Kiwi Recession Play Out?

The coming recession will expose our two-step New Zealand economy. But conquer your fear. Here’s how you can find shelter and come out stronger.

Vistafolio Review: Your $8m Retirement Plan?

Look past the bear. We experienced another bullish streak in November, which has placed us in a very good position. Is it time for you to act?

Vegan Revolution: Is This the Tesla of Food?

It’s clear that modern eating habits are changing. So here’s the $65 billion question: could investors benefit from companies trying to capture this green wave?

Red Alert: Is New Zealand’s Democracy in Danger?

Freedom is never completely won. But it can be lost. If you’re worried about the state of democracy today, here’s the most important step you can take.

Building the World: The Wealth Juggernaut You Can’t Ignore

There’s no denying it: global infrastructure is due for upgrade. It’s time to build bigger and better. Is this an investment opportunity not to be missed?

Why Is Tower Insurance [NZX:TWR] Up 10% This Month?

It’s a tricky question: where do you find shelter in a tough economy? Well, this defensive business offering steady income could offer just the ticket.

Inflation’s Hero: How You Can Capture Value Through Tough Times

As an investor, are you forward-looking or backward-looking? The surprising answer to this question could have a huge impact on your wealth.

The Fall of Bitcoin: Your $2 Trillion Chance to Capitalise?

Scandalous. Shocking. The collapse of FTX has sent the crypto world into a tailspin. But the good news is that this contrarian strategy could be the perfect antidote.