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Attention Warren Buffett: Is Italy the Next Japan?

Italy has been ignored and unloved by investors for a long time. But could this resilient nation finally be ready for an incredible turnaround?

Dog vs. Wolf: What Sort of Investor Are You?

Good long-term investing is less about intelligence and more about temperament. Here’s why this unique personality type may excel above all others.

Portfolio Update: April 2024 — Opportunity Dip

After five straight months of positivity, we saw a sharp drawdown in April. Was this a chance for cunning investors to lock in some bargain buys?

Rotten State: Why Incentives Matter

Is there too much government control? Too much bureaucratic fat? Well, it’s time for a makeover. Here’s how we can create a leaner and meaner economy now.

Hands Off! Is Your Capital Safe?

You have worked hard. You have built up your wealth. But ask yourself: how can you protect your assets from predatory bureaucrats?

Simon Angelo: Beating This Recession

It’s easy enough to feel sour over this downturn. But how can Kiwi investors look beyond the economic fear and emerge victorious on the other side?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: New Zealand in Recession

We talk to Reality Check Radio about our Kiwi economic downturn. Is it possible to find light at the end of this dark tunnel?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Bitcoin’s New High

We talk to Reality Check Radio about Bitcoin and the future of digital currency. Amidst rumour and controversy, what exactly is the truth here?

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Kiwi Property and Financial Freedom

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the future of the Kiwi housing market. In this wide-ranging interview, we uncover the financial facts that matters the most to you.

Is Your Retirement in Danger? (Part Two)

Tough times require tough solutions. Here’s how smart retirees are tackling our nation’s money problem. This is Part Two of our investigative series.

Is Your Retirement in Danger? (Part One)

People are retiring in bigger numbers than ever before. But is there a heavy price to be paid? This is Part One of our investigative series.

Money Talks With Simon Angelo: Putin and the American Dollar

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the future of the American dollar. In this wide-ranging interview, we dig deep, separating myth from fact.

The End of China? Here’s Why the Dragon Is Falling

Once upon a time, everyone believed that China would overtake America. But surprise, surprise. The Chinese economy is now fading, even as America accelerates ahead.

America Is Bankrupt: Is This the End?

Are you feeling pessimistic about the United States? You’re not alone. But here’s what the media isn’t telling you: America is stronger and more dynamic than ever before.

La Dolce Vita: The Italian Sweet Life for Half Price

Italy is struggling with a demographic crisis. The nation needs new skills and investment. Could this innovative idea be a silver bullet?