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Jackpot: Why You’re Richer Than 97% of the Global Population

We live in a world of bad news. But here’s something good: you’ve already won the lottery of life. Here’s how blessed you actually are.

Universal Basic Income: Liberals Versus Conservatives

Should everyone receive an unconditional cash payment? The debate is fierce. Here’s why this issue is about both economics and ethics.

The Writers of Star Trek May Have Unveiled Your Future

In the world of Star Trek, humanity has experienced a renaissance like no other. They have developed replicator technology that has eliminated the issue of scarcity.

Recovery Opportunity: Auckland International Airport [NZX:AIA] or Air New Zealand [NZX:AIR]?

Stocks have mostly bounced back in the wake of Covid. But airports and airlines are still lagging. Is now the time to make a play for them?

The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

It’s the critical life lesson they don’t teach you at school. Good debt can propel you forward, while bad debt will only weigh you down.

Blame the Rich for America’s Problems

The social contract — the principles that bind us together — is giving way. Those in the bottom rungs of society are blaming the rich…

This Property Investment Could Have Made You 50% Since COVID

We’re at a crossroads in New Zealand. We can start developing quality rental property with scale and management. Or things will get worse.

Can an Auckland Wage Subsidy Fix This Corona Failure?

It’s tragic but true. Auckland is back in COVID-19 lockdown. We take an urgent look at how much this fiasco is really costing the country.

Filling the Gaps in America’s Economy

This year, America will collect only about $3.5 trillion in taxes. But it will spend $12 trillion. What is the gap filled with?

Is This Peak Gold?

Gold just hit new a new all-time high. But some forecasters reckon it’s the end of the road for this precious metal. Could this actually be true?

Cattle Transport in an Argentine Snowstorm

Bill’s former ranch foreman, Jorge, tells a story. His grandfather, who was a cowboy, took cattle through the mountains in a snowstorm…

Your Business or the Stock Market: Which One Usually Wins?

Should you use retirement money to start a business? Well, that’s what the National Party is suggesting. We take a critical look at how plausible this is.

The Real Cost of America’s Wars

An honest money system forces you to make choices. To weigh costs against benefits. Today, we have public policies and wars without a price tag…

The Legal Kind of Counterfeit Money

The Federal Reserve’s money-printing is resulting in the only legal kind of fake money. It’s souring American policy, the economy, and society…

Complete Guide to Seeking a Credit Counseling in Times of Financial Crisis

Are you facing a financial crisis? It can be tough to look past the stress and anxiety. But credit counseling might just restore stability to your life.