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Biden or Trump? Here’s How You Can Win Either Way

The US presidential election is the greatest show on Earth. But look beyond the sound and the fury. There’s an opportunity hiding in plain sight for smart investors.

Make or Break? The Next 12 Months Are Critical

A new year brings fresh openings. So, what are savvy investors urgently watching out for? Well, here are five quantum trends looming on the horizon.

You Snooze, You Lose: Why Now Is the Time to Act

The tide is turning now. This is a decisive moment. Investors with courage are starting to reap the benefits of buying assets at low prices.

End of Year Portfolio Update: December 2023 — Freedom and Opportunity Ahead

It’s a fantastic photo finish. Our composite portfolio has clocked in our best annual result since 2019. Here’s what comes next for this exceptional bull market.

It Blew Up! Time to Buy?

The electric-vehicle revolution has been hyped up for ages. But so far, exponential growth has been disappointing. Is this about to change?

Christmas Joy: 3 Extraordinary Trends in 2023

Surprise, surprise. Once more, the stock market has defied the prophets of doom. Here’s why we’re seeing the strongest Santa Claus Rally in years.

Money Is Changing: This Sector Could Be Hot in 2024

The next big wave in fintech is already happening. It’s transforming the way we use money across borders. Here’s what it could mean for you.

Bitcoin: Feast or Famine Ahead?

Bitcoin continues to fascinate us. At this point, is it durable as an asset class? Or is it simply oversold? What does the future look like?

Charlie Munger: 1924–2023

Charlie Munger was more than just an investor. He was a teacher. A mentor. Here’s what we can learn from his gritty, tough-as-nails wisdom.

Goat Testicles, The Stock Scam, and Protecting Your Wealth

Everyone talks about growing wealth. But what about protecting wealth? Here’s one high-value area with defensive qualities that’s worth paying attention to.

1,000% Surge in 2023: Is This AI Boom Too Dangerous?

Robotics and automation have catapulted this AI stock to dizzying heights this year. But is it too speculative for its own good?

Game Changer: Could This Business Revolutionise an Industry?

Every speculative investor dreams of discovering a diamond in the rough. A 100-bagger. But is the high level of risk worth it?

The Future of Money: Bitcoin, Banks, BRICS, and CBDCs

The rise of digital currencies has provoked controversy. Is physical cash on the way out? Simon Angelo looks at who stands to lose and who stands to win.

Getting Rich Slowly: The Secret to Success?

Let’s face it: everyone wants to make money in a hurry. But the most significant wealth generator may actually be the power of compounding.

Fire of the Titans: The Next Petroleum Superpower?

Right now, we are now facing a turning point for global energy. So could this major new discovery create a breakthrough for contrarian investors?