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The Man Who Doubled His Family’s Wealth in Months

It’s legendary. The battle that changed the course of European history. Here’s how one bold investor made the decision to prosper from it.

Happier, Stronger, Richer: The Investment Life Hack That’ll Change Everything

I started investing in the NZX at 17. That’s the best time to begin investing. Young people are fearless, and time is on their side.

5 Reasons Your Home Should Be an Investment

When it comes to getting your first home, you should think about how you want to use it. Here’s why you should make it an investment.

5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Wealth (Away From Your Job)

While your job is the most obvious source of improvement, there are plenty of alternative options. Focus on some of the five here.

Making Money in a Market With Fewer Buyers

There’s no denying that the housing market has gotten a lot harder on would-be newcomers as of late. How do you overcome this obstacle?

5 Practical Ways to Diversify Your Portfolio

By diversifying your portfolio, you’ll have a variety of investments that will react differently to the ever-changing economy and market.

Grow Your Real Estate Business with These Tips

If you want to grow and expand your real estate business, you need to be extremely proactive in your approach.

Ideas to Plan Your Financial Future

Securing your future is all about planning your finances, and protecting your assets. These five steps will get you started.

Smart Wealth Decisions You Should Make Before You Hit 40

When it comes to managing your wealth, you want to make sensible decisions. Here’s how to avoid financial trouble when you get older.

5 Questions to Ask Before Entering Real Estate Investments

The real estate arena is one of the most attractive by far. It is an industry that has grown both rapidly and consistently for decades.

Vistafolio Update: Summer Holiday Distractions in August

Delta, China’s slowdown, and summer-holiday bikinis have all distracted the market. But our long-term investment strategy remains intact.

The Next Correction: Should You Invest?

The next global shake-up is coming. But look past the fear. Here are 5 strategies to help you position yourself for huge long-term gains.

Dodging Another Bullet: Why It’s Time for Investors to Prepare for the Next Crisis

As fear recedes, greed surges. The world is already looking beyond Covid. But we would be wise to prepare for the next global risk event.

Diamond Hands Investing: Because You Only Live Once

Would you allow a computer to pick your stocks for you? Well, that’s exactly what this ETF promises. Here’s why it’s shakier than it looks.

Are You Moving Into a Safe Neighborhood?

When you’re looking at properties that you’re interested in, one of the things you should be considering is how safe the place is.