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How to Destroy Your Wealth: The Latest Crypto Crash

Terra is the latest cryptocurrency craze to end up in disaster. Over $400 billion has been lost so far. What’s at stake here?

Crypto King: $500,000 in Life Savings Lost!

Was this too good to be true? A chance to get rich quick? Well, here’s how Canada’s biggest crypto disaster unfolded.

NFT Craze: How to Turn a Photo Into $500,000

The non-fungible token (NFT) is the latest tech craze to grip the popular imagination. Here’s how it made one family richer.

How Crypto Can Form Part of Your Investment Portfolio

Everyone’s talking feverishly about cryptocurrency. But how does it work, exactly? And does it have a place in your portfolio?

A Sharp Turn: Has Cryptocurrency Hit a Breaking Point?

Has the bull become the bear? Cryptocurrency has softened these past two weeks. Here’s what we see happening on the road ahead…

Crypto Boom: Why Mainstream Acceptance Is on the Cards

It’s happening again. Another surge. Did you watch it happen? Were you on the edge of your seat? Were you thinking, ‘Is this another crypto boom?’

PrimeXBT Research: Are Financial Markets Ready for Recovery?

What does reopening our economy mean for global assets like forex, gold, oil, and cryptocurrency? This exclusive guest post from PrimeXBT does a deep dive.

Bitcoin Has Officially Halved: What Will Happen Next?

There has been massive hype all around the world. People have been screaming and shouting, ‘Bitcoin is going to halve in May 2020!’

Coronavirus: Is It Causing Bitcoin to Soar?

Blink and you might just miss it. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have surged in value during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cryptocurrency Price Crash: Here’s Why It Happened

In December, we saw the value of cryptocurrencies take a nosedive. It’s all related to an incredible heist involving a Chinese company known as PlusToken.

Better Than Bitcoin? Here’s the Next Evolution in Crypto

Bitcoin is the undisputed king of the cryptocurrency world. But did you know that there’s a new contender for the crown? Here’s how you could benefit.

BitPay: The Crypto Payment Option Big Retailers Are Using

What if sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments could be as easy as using a credit card? That’s what BitPay offers.

NZ Economy: The Big Picture

As investors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the issues and trends affecting our wealth. In the NZ economy there are Some good. Some bad.

One Investment That Will Benefit No Matter What: Bitcoin

You might think I’m a bit a crazy to even suggest bitcoin as a potential ‘haven’ asset. Bitcoin is very risky and there’s lot of uncertainty about its future.

What Is Facebook’s Libra?

US officials are looking at Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, and can only see one thing. Danger! What about the consumers?