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Blink and You’ll Miss the ‘New Money’

Maybe you’ve heard ‘Libra’ in the news recently? It’s a crypto, created by Facebook and backed by many more billion-dollar companies, which could be the first step towards a new form of money.

How I’d Sell Warren Buffett on Crypto

Each year, anyone can bid for a three-hour lunch with the Oracle. This year, the lunch with Warren was worth US$4.6 million to someone…That someone was crypto tycoon, Justin Sun.

Robbed in Broad Daylight: How Hackers Stole $23 Million in Kiwi Cryptos

On 14 January 2019, an unknown person or group of people successfully hacked the digital vault of a Christchurch-based cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptopia.

Is Crypto About to Boom Once More?

As per the cyclical nature of things, the crypto landscape has slowly begun to tip in a warmer direction. It’s not spring yet, but there’s a definite thaw taking place.

Why Crypto Could Be Set to Boom Again

Bitcoin is a scarce resource. You’d do well to have and hold at least one whole one.

What Does ‘Crypto’ Really Mean?

When you talk about ‘crypto’ to the uninformed mainstream, many are instantly dismissive of these ‘magic beans’, ‘tulips’ or ‘pretend internet money’. But boy are they wrong.

Gold Nuggets from Grant’s NYC Conference

New York is a city of transactions, the cabbie told me. I chuckled, took nothing of it and continued making small talk. It wasn’t until I strolled down 7th Avenue that I began to see what he meant.

A 38% Leap for Bitcoin: The Start of Another Bubble?

If you keep tabs on bitcoin or have had some loose coins rattling about in your digital wallet, then you’d have been pleased to see that cryptocurrencies are enjoying a resurgence.

Are You Prepared for the Next Crypto Boom?

Forum chat is about as effective a use of time as Facebook or digging a mud hole in the rain. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of cryptocurrency.

Kiwi Homeowners: An Urgent Warning from the Bitcoin Bubble

With bitcoin, we believed it would go mainstream. An alternative to fiat currency that could hold its value like gold. This was an idealistic dream.

Gambler’s Fallacy or Gambler’s Opportunity

Casino gambling isn’t something we’re a big fan of. But it’s interesting that such a risky activity is still being played out in this new wave of cryptocurrency.

What’s Your Perception of the Markets?

The truth is there are a number of things happening in the world now to be worried about. But you can’t let it get you too down. What’s easy to forget is the wonderful opportunities that still exist for people.

The Bitcoin Booms Future Ahead

Cryptocurrencies took the world by storm in 2017. But since early 2018, the price of most cryptocurrencies has been in a steep retreat. Including the crypto granddaddy — bitcoin.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Land Investments

There’s a crypto project called Decentraland. The premise is quite simple, it’s a virtual world which consists of 10s of thousands of parcels of virtual land.

What the Sceptics Don’t Know About Blockchain

Crypto investors flocked to Malta in droves last year for a massive blockchain summit, and it’s fast becoming known as a global crypto hub.