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Where to Turn When Your Bank Lets You Down

Banks are closed. What do you do? Panic starts to set in. Where is your money? And, why can’t you access it?

Why Bitcoin Could be Around for Another 10 Years

The lifespan of Bitcoin has been around the longest of all cryptos, which could mean that it has the best chance of all cryptos to survive.

Has Buffett Lost His Touch?

Buffett remains an idol of mine and I’d give my right arm to be a tenth as good as he is at picking stocks. But that doesn’t mean he’s perfect.

Curious About Our Business Model? Your Questions Answered

Today, I get the chance to respond to some of the fantastic letters you’ve sent over the past couple weeks.

The Bitcoin Holy War — Who Will Win?

In the past week, the value of bitcoin has crumpled. It’s gone from $9,500 per coin to under $7,500 a coin in roughly five days. We’ll cover why the downturn occurred…

Blockchain Is Bigger Than Bitcoin

While bitcoin’s price keeps fluctuating, we are seeing more companies and people flowing into blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin.

Read This if You’ve Ever Been Mad at Bitcoin

There’s nothing quite as polarising as cryptocurrency. You could survey 100 people; most wouldn’t be able to name anything outside of bitcoin.

America’s Fake-Money Success Was an Accident

The American dollar is a success because we have a strong and stable system. But is it really? We go behind the myth, and what we find isn’t pretty.

Crypto: Forget The Hate, Follow The Money

There was quite a row going on Twitter all last week. In case you missed it, it started with Nouriel Roubini’s comments on crypto during a US senate hearing.

The Spanish Digital Currency Wars

Madrid and Barcelona — Spain’s two main cities — are major rivals. But there is one thing these two cities agree on: they both want their own digital currency.

Should You Give Up on the Crypto Dream?

To many, bitcoin is not an effective store of value or unit of account. And it should be easy to reason why…it’s crazy volatile.

Bitcoin Not to Blame for Money Laundering

When cryptocurrencies like bitcoin were created, the dark world of crime issued a worldwide sigh of relief. At least, that’s what the mainstream suggests.

Proof that the Mainstream Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the poster child for the broader crypto world. It is also one of the most inaccurately reported topics I’ve ever seen. But it’s pretty easy to sift through the BS.

Tokens — Could This Be The Biggest Opportunity to Profit On Since Bitcoin?

Today, I’m excited to discuss what I believe to be the most valuable opportunity to rise out of the crypto scene — tokens.

Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain — Here’s What It All Means…

As a self-admitted economist, I know just how powerful jargon can be. Today I want to clear up some of the jargon-related confusion that surrounds blockchain.