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Brexit, Trump, and the Path to Real Wealth

2016 was a momentous year. The Brexit vote happened. Then Trump rose to power. But the smart money still prevailed. Here’s why.

Is the American Financial System Going to Collapse?

The United States is a powerhouse of entrepreneurship and innovation. Will it continue to lead the way in a turbulent world?

Divided States of America: How Do We Heal the Wounds?

Friendships and family ties in America have grown strained over the past four years. Here’s why we need healing and empathy more than ever.

Election Deadlock Uncovers the Real American Dream

It’s a historic nail-biter. The most closely fought US presidential election of recent memory. How on earth did we get here?

Biden vs Trump: Who’s the Better Investment?

Look beyond fear. The market is resilient and adaptable. It has already priced in most of the possibilities in the presidential race.

Just 29 Days to Go: Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis Won’t Derail Him

It’s a bombshell: President Trump has COVID-19. Here’s why his diagnosis could actually empower him during this critical time.

The Changing World Order: Crisis or Opportunity?

The world once embraced free trade and open borders. But now there’s rage and doubt. How did the globalist dream go so wrong?

Why the Silent Majority Can’t Afford for Trump to Lose

It’s time to put aside political partisanship. Here’s what a Trump defeat could mean for the global economy and your retirement wallet.

The Trump Factor: Will He Win a Second Term?

Donald Trump. Joe Biden. November 3rd. As the clock ticks down to a highly anticipated election, we take a critical look at what the stakes are.

Money Only Gets You So Far: The Rise and Fall of Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg. Self-made billionaire. Three-term New York mayor. Failed presidential candidate. How did it go so wrong for him?

Potential Coronavirus Pandemic Sends Fed Into Crisis Mode

The coronavirus is spreading faster than anyone anticipated. And the feds stand ready to print more money should the markets plummet further…

America Has Been in a ‘Silent Depression’ Since 2009

Is America doing as great as they say it is? Look a little closer at the numbers. We’re in the third longest, weakest growth period in U.S. history…

Changing Political Landscape May Perplex American Voters

Depending on who’s on the ballot, Democrats and Republicans may have trouble voting party lines. Which political candidate should we go for?

Trump Did Not Save America From Decline

Look at the hard numbers. President Trump’s economy is actually worse off than Obama’s…during a recession. How can that be?

Trump Says American Decline Is Over

Trump is beating his chest and hailing the return of American supremacy. But is this true? Look closer, and you’ll find an uglier picture.