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OCR Stays At 1%: Be Careful What You Wish For

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has kept the OCR at 1% for now. Here’s why fiddling with interest rates is a more difficult task than you might think.

Paper Money Is the Means for Modern Inflation

Inflation is the great destroyer of monetary value. Yet, at various times throughout history, governments have welcomed it. Here’s why.

Executive Order 6102 Led to the Fall of America’s Money System

Have you ever heard of Executive Order 6102? Most people haven’t, but it’s one of the most profound mistakes in American history.

BitPay: The Crypto Payment Option Big Retailers Are Using

What if sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments could be as easy as using a credit card? That’s what BitPay offers.

Trump Shouldn’t Take Credit for the Last Few Quarters of Economic Expansion

Everybody loves an economic expansion. Probably none more so than Trump. But is he actually overreaching by taking credit for it?

Does Bitcoin Have a Rival?

If bitcoin is considered gold in the crypto world, this competitor might be considered silver. Here’s why you should pay attention…

Rigging the Federal Reserve Made the Rich Richer

The feds had their funny money; they weren’t going to give it up. And they weren’t going to back off from any of their spending.

Speculators Bet on More Stimulus

The Fed doesn’t have a pile of cash sitting in the vault. It just creates money out of thin air.

WeWork Troubles Expose Deeper Problems With Our Money System

They say they don’t ring a bell at the top of a bull market…but we hear something ringing.

Inverted Yield Curve Signals Coming Recession

When the economy is healthy and growing, people buy stocks and the index generally goes up. These inverted yield signs signal an oncoming recession.

Does Dow History Tell Us We’ve Already Seen America’s Peak?

Markets, economies, and even empires move in great, long-term swings. Sometimes they are forward-looking and expansive. Look at the american stock market.

Gold Tells Us the Stock Market’s True Condition

Buying the Dow with 40 ounces of gold in January 2000. By January 2011, the Dow 30 stocks would cost 8 ounces.

Your Key to Forex Profits

How do you know when there might be a currency upside opportunity? The key to forex profits can be hard. Let me share them with you.

Can You Make Money by Selling Money?

When you hear about foreign exchange and currency, you’re bound to hear the phrases ‘strong’ and ‘weak’. I’m not a big fan of those terms…

America’s Fake Money Will Get More Fake

The guardians of the world’s most important measures of value said they would lend more fake money at even fakier interest rates.