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The Kiwi Gold Rush Is Over

Today we are living in the tail end of what could be called the greatest gold rush of all time. But instead of gold, our prosperity is riding on the backs of technological and industrial innovation.

Alternatives to Cash or Gold? Try Investing in a Lamborghini

Despite what you may think, there’s a wide and diverse range of investments that fall outside the ‘normal’ portfolio…and these alt-investments can be surprisingly lucrative and resistant to market volatility.

The Next Crisis We Have Will Be a Currency Crisis

For most people, money is just money. But I believe we’re standing on a precipice for this current system of money.

Uber versus Gold…or Something Else?

Uber or gold, which do you pick? While I’m no gold bug, I wouldn’t blame you for picking the latter. It’s probably a better option than piling into a company going bust!

What the Forex Guys Know About Brexit That the Rest of Us Don’t

Amongst my finance colleagues, I was one of the few that thought Brexit was a good idea. The EU has been a dead zone for growth. Last year, the US grew more than twice as fast as the EU

All That Glitters: Why Gold Is Your Best Bet

If I asked you what gold is used for, you’d probably say jewellery, right? Well, you’d be half right. Gold has lots of other uses.

Why Are Central Banks Now Buying Gold?

Central bankers usually add gold to their reserves to diversify, and to provide a hedge against inflation. According to Bloomberg, central banks now hold about a fifth of the gold ever mined.

America’s Fake-Money Success Was an Accident

The American dollar is a success because we have a strong and stable system. But is it really? We go behind the myth, and what we find isn’t pretty.