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What Paternalism Looks Like in the Calchaquí Valley

Bill and his wife, Elizabeth, have taken on many roles at the ranch during the coronavirus quarantine. This is how it worked out…

The Disconnect Between Wall Street and Main Street

Wall Street is opening for business, benefiting the top 10%. Meanwhile, Main Street is closed, keeping the bottom 90% struggling to make ends meet.

American Politics, Economics Offer False Realities

The recent unrest in America has made it clear that the country has two systems and multiple ideologies. Unfortunately, in the end, no one wins…

America Has Two Financial Systems, and They’re Both Flawed

In America, we have always been told that we must choose a system, a side. But neither option is honest…or beneficial.

The Feds Created a Counterfeit Economy

With economic, social, and political chaos enveloping America, Bill asks these questions: What gives? And is this a rallying cry for something deeper…?

America Is Marked by Health Emergency, Social Unrest

With economic, social, and political chaos enveloping America, Bill is asking the hard questions. What gives? And is this a rallying cry for something deeper?

Universal House Arrest Policy Was a Mistake

The government’s Universal House Arrest policy was a mistake. It should have been reversed when healthy people were not at risk of dying.

Argentina’s Past Provides Clues for America’s Future

What is so destructive about printing money to appease the masses? For Argentina, it ended up in complete disaster for everyone.

COVID-19 Stimulus Packages Take Away Post-Lockdown Job Incentives

The unemployed makes more money staying at home than they made working their day jobs. What incentive do they have to return?

Bill Explores Ancient Indian Ruins in Argentina

Bill tried unsuccessfully to scale the mesa in Argentina two times before. He shares how he finally conquered the huge stone fortress…

How to Make Memorial Day More Meaningful

Honoring our fallen soldiers is important. Here’s how Bill suggests we can commemorate the holiday, so it truly encompasses the country’s losses…

One of the Most Successful Investments of All Time

Out of 20th-century Argentina comes an investment story you’ve probably never heard of. Here’s why it’s important that you do…

What America Can Learn from Argentina’s Economy

We’re not worried about the American dollar’s past. We’re worried about its future. Are we in danger of following what Argentina has done?

America Is on Track to for Argentina-Level Inflation

The feds now print more money than Argentina. We can see the writing on the wall. Inflation will skyrocket, affecting our way of life…

Coronavirus Reopenings Highlight Economic Catastrophe

GDP loss is 42.8%. Unemployment has reached Great Depression levels. Many small businesses will never reopen. The coronavirus has changed our lives forever.