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Portfolio Update: July 2023 – Smouldering Bull Sees Well of Opportunity

Our composite portfolio has hit another high for this year. Is there still opportunity to capture global value? The answer: yes.

The Napoleon Style of Investing

Your success as a long-term investor isn’t tied to your intelligence. It’s more closely related to your personality. Here’s the unspoken truth.

The Big Squeeze: Why the Bears Are Losing

Are you hoping that the American economy will crash and burn? Well, tough luck. Here’s why short sellers have lost $120 billion this year by making a wrong bet.

Your Legacy: Building Generational Wealth on the NZX and Beyond

What’s the secret to creating lasting wealth? Well, it’s all about diversification. Here’s what the richest 10% know that most people don’t.

Kiwi No. 8 in Crisis: The Few Things That Can Make All the Difference

New Zealand used to be a rugged, can-do nation. But lately, we seem to have lost our way. What can we do to regain our courage and sense of purpose?

Kiwi Property vs Kiwi Shares: Who Wins the Race?

Investing in real estate has been a Kiwi obsession for years. But the economic cycle is changing. Could the stock market offer a credible alternative?

How to Thrive in NZ’s Broken Economy

Here’s the bad news: New Zealand’s middle class is shrinking before our eyes. But here’s the good news: there’s still a way to save our prosperity.

Investor Alert: Is a Bull Market Building?

Are the bears retreating while the bulls are starting to charge forward? Here’s compelling evidence that the economic cycle is finally turning.

How Risky is Too Risky? A Tale of 3 Investors

As an investor, it goes without saying that the quality of your sleep is directly related to your perception of risk. Here’s how you can get better of managing the stress.

$93,170 in Passive Income: Your Road to Financial Freedom?

Are you seeking the freedom to live your life as you please? In a world filled with disruption, earning passive income can open up more doors than you think.

Portfolio Update: May 2023 — May Mess Ready for Cleanup

Is this a turning point for the market? Here’s why courageous investors are set to prosper as the economic cycle switches gears.

Passive Income: Fighting the Pain Trade

Rocky Balboa is one of the greatest cinematic heroes ever. Here’s why his boxing wisdom can make you a better investor over the long run.

Strategy Success: $125,000 in Passive Income

Are you looking for financial freedom? Well, a stream of passive income could be the answer. It’s the perfect antidote for tomorrow’s worries.

Exclusive Radio Interview with Simon Angelo

Are you worried about the US dollar being dethroned? Well, not so fast. In a wide-ranging interview, we dig deep and uncover the facts.

Wealth Tax Armageddon: How to Destroy Kiwi Prosperity

Is this the politics of envy? All this talk about a wealth tax is creating discomfort. We do a deep dive into this issue and separate myth from fact.