What’s true? What’s false? And what’s really happening in the world of money?

Simon Angelo just had an exclusive chat with Paul Brennan at Reality Check Radio, discussing these emerging issues:

  • Despite record immigration and the return of interest deductibility for landlords, the Kiwi housing market is looking stressed. Is it still possible to make money with property investment?
  • What is true financial freedom? Why do so few people actually achieve it? Following the spectre of Covid — and now with superannuation gobbling up more and more of the tax take — here’s why financial freedom is more important than ever.
  • The stock market, especially the tech sector, has been showing a strong hand on the view that AI will unleash the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What’s at stake here? How will this drive new opportunities?

Click here to listen to this interview now, courtesy of Reality Check Radio.



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(This radio interview is general in nature and should not be construed as any financial or investment advice. To obtain guidance for your specific situation, please seek independent financial advice.)