John Ling

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John is the Chief Investment Officer at Wealth Morning. His responsibilities include trading, client service, and compliance. He is an experienced investor and portfolio manager, trading both on his own account and assisting with high net-worth clients. In addition to contributing financial and geopolitical articles to this site, John is a bestselling author in his own right. His international thrillers have appeared on the USA Today and Amazon bestseller lists.

Investing During a Storm?

Are you waiting for the turbulent market to stabilise before investing? Well, your strategy could be wrong. Believe it or not, the best time to invest is during a storm.

AI: The Next Secular Bull Cycle?

Ask yourself: could more things happen in the next 20 years than the last 200? Here’s how robotics and automation might transform our social landscape.

Is Your Retirement in Danger? (Part One)

People are retiring in bigger numbers than ever before. But is there a heavy price to be paid? This is Part One of our investigative series.

Exclusive Radio Interview with Simon Angelo

We talk to Reality Check Radio about the future of the American dollar. In this wide-ranging interview, we dig deep, separating myth from fact.

Are You Allergic to Losing Money?

There’s an ebb and flow to the market cycle. But are you misreading the signs? Here’s why being contrarian might be healthier in the long run.

The End of China? Here’s Why the Dragon Is Falling

Once upon a time, everyone believed that China would overtake America. But surprise, surprise. The Chinese economy is now fading, even as America accelerates ahead.

Biotech Sensation: 1,700% in 12 Months

Creating new medicine is a gruelling business. It’s marked by 90% failure rate. But, sometimes, an incredible success story happens. Could this be one of them?

Ticking Clock: The Enduring Legacy of 24

When time is running out, what do you do? 24 was one of the most controversial television shows ever. Here’s why it still informs our politics today.

Microscopic Investing: Your Biggest Mistake?

What separates good investors from bad investors? Well, here’s the unspoken truth: it’s all about stamina. It’s the long haul that matters the most.

Crypto vs. the Banks: The Rise of Digital Gold?

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Are these digital assets about to hit the mainstream? Here’s what you need to know about this evolving landscape.

America Is Bankrupt: Is This the End?

Are you feeling pessimistic about the United States? You’re not alone. But here’s what the media isn’t telling you: America is stronger and more dynamic than ever before.

Biden or Trump? Here’s How You Can Win Either Way

The US presidential election is the greatest show on Earth. But look beyond the sound and the fury. There’s an opportunity hiding in plain sight for smart investors.

Make or Break? The Next 12 Months Are Critical

A new year brings fresh openings. So, what are savvy investors urgently watching out for? Well, here are five quantum trends looming on the horizon.

You Snooze, You Lose: Why Now Is the Time to Act

The tide is turning now. This is a decisive moment. Investors with courage are starting to reap the benefits of buying assets at low prices.

Christmas Joy: 3 Extraordinary Trends in 2023

Surprise, surprise. Once more, the stock market has defied the prophets of doom. Here’s why we’re seeing the strongest Santa Claus Rally in years.