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John is the Chief Investment Officer at Wealth Morning. His responsibilities include trading, client service, and compliance. He is an experienced investor and portfolio manager, trading both on his own account and assisting with high net-worth clients. In addition to contributing financial and geopolitical articles to this site, John is a bestselling author in his own right. His international thrillers have appeared on the USA Today and Amazon bestseller lists.

The Fall of Bitcoin: Your $2 Trillion Chance to Capitalise?

Scandalous. Shocking. The collapse of FTX has sent the crypto world into a tailspin. But the good news is that this contrarian strategy could be the perfect antidote.

You Can Prosper: Finding Truth in a Noisy World

Prophets of doom. Fearmongers. If you listen to them, you might think the world is about to end. But here’s the case for optimism and resillience.

China’s Vanishing Millionaires: Could You Profit From This?

China used to be the growth engine of the world economy. But is it now running out of gas? This is why wealthy Chinese are packing their bags.

Get Ready: The Next Bull Market Is Coming

Everyone is obsessing about the roaring bear. But they miss one thing. The stampeding bull is coming in hot, and contrarian investors are set to prosper.

Recession-Proof? This Cockroach Business Could Ride Things Out

Recession. It’s a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many people. But this resillient company could actually benefit from economic jitters. Here’s why.

Stop Whining: The World Is Safer and Happier Today

War. Disruption. Disaster. The headlines are all doom and gloom. But look past the negativity. We’re actually living in a time of unprecedented prosperity and opportunity.

A Boring British Business That Could Pay Handsomely

Crisis or opening? The British pound and stock market are being pushed down by fear. But here’s why courageous investors shouldn’t be deterred.

The Richest Drug Lord: Why He Loved the US Dollar

It’s a tale stranger than fiction. Pablo Escobar built his wealth on vice, but he had sacred faith in the American Dream.

The Next Space Race: Could This Moonshot Company Profit?

It’s official: mankind is returning to the Moon. The next stop? Potentially Mars. Here’s how speculative investors could take advantage of this.

Is This Your Biggest Money Mistake?

Are you looking for crystal balls and silver bullets? Well, watch out. Here’s why you could be using the wrong financial compass.

Speculating on Bonds: A Hedge Against Fear?

Buckle up. We’re entering a new age of higher interest rates. Debt-holders may be grieving, but one group of investors are smiling ear to ear. Here’s why.

Battle for the Metaverse: A $2 Trillion Opportunity?

The metaverse will bridge the gap between the virtual and the real. Is it worth a speculative punt? Here’s how investors can make a smart play for the future.

Bad News: You’re Destroying Your Wealth

Every day, we are bombarded with negative headlines. So is there any room for positivity at all? Well, surprisingly, yes. Here’s the unspoken truth.

Your Money, Your Choice: Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Extreme greed. Extreme fear. Both are driven by emotional impulses. As an investor, here’s how you can find a happy middle path instead.

Warning: Is the Bitcoin Wealth Boom Over?

Crypto winter has arrived. Over $2 trillion has been lost. But one company is still surviving in this space. Is it worth a gamble?