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John is the Chief Investment Officer at Wealth Morning. His responsibilities include trading, client service, and compliance. He is an experienced investor and portfolio manager, trading both on his own account and assisting with high net-worth clients. In addition to contributing financial and geopolitical articles to this site, John is a bestselling author in his own right. His international thrillers have appeared on the USA Today and Amazon bestseller lists.

The Next World War: What You Need to Know

Are you afraid of the next global conflict? Well, here’s the good news. Total war has now evolved into limited war. Here’s the upside for investors.

Crypto Crash: Who Is Profiting From This?

You only know who’s swimming naked when the tide goes out. Bitcoin is down almost 70% from its peak. So why are these investors smiling?

Looking For Freedom: Lessons From Berlin

It was a powerful moment. The Berlin Wall coming down. We look back with nostalgia on what’s changed since then.

Recession-Proof: The World’s Most Defensive Stock?

Recession? What recession? This brand is legendary for weathering storms. It might just be the perfect fit for a well-balanced portfolio.

Blood and Gold: Lessons from Europe’s Warrior Past

They were warrior-monks who transcended their humble roots to form the world’s first multinational corporation. Here’s why their legacy can still be felt today.

How to Destroy Your Wealth: The Latest Crypto Crash

Terra is the latest cryptocurrency craze to end up in disaster. Over $400 billion has been lost so far. What’s at stake here?

Can You Make Money in a Falling Market?

For 10 years, tech was the best-performing sector to invest in. But now it’s actually the worst. Is it time to adopt a contrarian strategy?

Russian Enigma: Is This Putin’s Ace Card?

The world frets about Putin’s intentions for Ukraine. But should investors be more mindful of the unspoken cultural forces at work?

The Chinese Century: Boom or Bust?

Will the 21st century end up becoming the Chinese century? Well, not quite. Here’s why the nation is facing some growing pains on the horizon.

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

Regrets. You’ve had a few. But here’s the biggest one: the road you failed to take. Here’s why you need to futureproof yourself now.

100% in 1 Year: Time to Solve Global Hunger?

The war in Ukraine is creating the biggest food crisis in a generation. But could this Australian company offer us an urgent solution?

The Coming Correction: Disaster or Opportunity?

Are you afraid to invest? Are you concerned that the next market dip is coming? Well, here’s what your fear is really costing you.

The Chimp and the Hamster: Furry Investment Superstars?

Would you entrust a chimpanzee with your money? What about a hamster? Well, here’s your introduction to the wild world of animal investing.

Share Your Story: What’s Your Biggest Struggle for 2022?

Surging inflation. Rising interest rates. Geopolitical uncertainty. How are you coping with all this? This is your chance to have your say.

800% in 2 Years: The Bitcoin Banking Stock Surging Now

The world of cryptocurrency is wild and unruly. This raises questions of safety. Could this Company’s banking idea be the solution?