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Vistafolio Review: Bear Stalks Back in August

We’re seeing the return of pessimism. But there’s a silver lining: it’s giving us the opportunity to capture outstanding value. Here’s why we’re buying.

Vistafolio Review: Success in July

We’ve experienced a sharp, positive rebound in our composite portfolio this month. Here’s why our value-based strategy is paying off.

Vistafolio Update: June Was Jerky

We’ve experienced our biggest sell-off yet this month. The pain is real, but so is the opportunity. Here’s why long-term investors can benefit.

Vistafolio Update: Mad May

It’s been another jittery month, giving us a sharp drawdown. But is this a chance for courageous investors to buy great assets at a discount?

Vistafolio Update: Embracing the Powder Keg in April

It’s been another volatile month. But our defensive, value-focused strategy is working. Here’s why we’re profitable and staying in the green.

Vistafolio Update: Overcoming Turbulence in March

We experienced our fair share of volatility in March. But our defensive strategy has successfully kept us ahead of other portfolios.

Vistafolio Update: Defying Putin in February

The Russian attack on Ukraine has stunned the world. But the market appears to have come to grips with this. What will happen next?

Vistafolio Update: Volatility and Opportunity in January

Volatility in 2022 could present an excellent opportunity to ‘buy the dips’. Here’s what we see coming on the horizon.

Vistafolio Update: Christmas Rally in December

‘Tis the season to be merry. December has given us our best ever result in 2021. Here’s how Santa arrived to close out a memorable year.

Vistafolio Update: The Rise of Omicron in November

Our investment journey was moving at a good pace. Then, suddenly, the Omicron variant struck. Here’s what we’re seeing now on the horizon.

Vistafolio Update: A Difficult Patient in October

Rising costs, interest rates, and capacity constraints remain a concern. But we are still focused on capturing value in this difficult market.

Vistafolio Update: Chinese Fears in September

The fallout from the Evergrande crisis, as well as inflation worries, proved to be a drag on the markets. Here’s how we fared in September.

Vistafolio Update: Summer Holiday Distractions in August

Delta, China’s slowdown, and summer-holiday bikinis have all distracted the market. But our long-term investment strategy remains intact.

Vistafolio Update: Buying the Dip in July

There’s been some heavier drawdown this month as the market shows signs of more egregious fears sweating across the brows of investors.

Vistafolio Update: Looking for Direction in June

June has been bumpy as the market takes a pause, looking for direction. Which way will the winds of inflation blow?