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Portfolio Update: November 2023 — Boarding Now

Forget fear. This is the strongest November rally we’ve seen in years. Here’s why the market is surging ahead with astonishing optimism now.

Portfolio Update: October 2023 — Money from Heaven

In October, we faced headwinds from rising bond yields. But the flipside of fear is opportunity. This has been the ideal time for investors to lock in value trades.

Portfolio Update: September 2023 – Nibbling at the Darkness

In September, the ‘higher for longer’ message has created fear. But for our composite portfolio, we are seeing a golden opportunity.

Portfolio Update: August 2023 – Turning Point

We have experienced the sharpest interest-rate rise in decades. But look beyond the grief. When this cycle turns, a golden opportunity awaits.

Portfolio Update: July 2023 – Smouldering Bull Sees Well of Opportunity

Our composite portfolio has hit another high for this year. Is there still opportunity to capture global value? The answer: yes.

Portfolio Update: June 2023 – Our High Performer Takes Flight

Our composite portfolio has been boosted this month by an outstanding company. Here’s why we’re excited about the coming tech revolution.

Portfolio Update: May 2023 — May Mess Ready for Cleanup

Is this a turning point for the market? Here’s why courageous investors are set to prosper as the economic cycle switches gears.

Vistafolio Review: April 2023 — Successfully Combating Covid’s Ugly Shadow

A global recovery is underway, which has given our portfolio a strong boost. Investors who had the courage to commit are reaping the benefits now.

Vistafolio Review: March 2023 — Unexpected Bank Bumps

Our portfolio remains positive despite bank fears. For courageous investors, this brief drama has created a golden opportunity to buy assets for the long-term.

Vistafolio Review: February 2023 — Protect Your Money Now

Our portfolio remains positive despite a month of choppy trading. This is the ideal time for bargain-hunters to deploy their cash in a range of global opportunities.

Vistafolio Review: January’s Boom, +6.73%*

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. As the bull returns in 2023, we’ve experienced our best ever January result. Here’s the secret of our success.

Vistafolio Review: Defending Your Wealth in 2022

Despite the turbulent headlines, we managed to defy the odds in 2022. We successfully outperformed most investments. Here’s why our carefully curated strategy paid off.

Vistafolio Review: Your $8m Retirement Plan?

Look past the bear. We experienced another bullish streak in November, which has placed us in a very good position. Is it time for you to act?

Vistafolio Review: Stocks Come Roaring Back in October

Surprise, surprise. The markets have defied the naysayers, bouncing back with an exceptionally strong showing. Here’s why it’s time to be decisive.

Why I’m Upping My Investing Right Now: Vistafolio Review

September is historically the worst month for the stock market. But it’s time to look past the fear. Here’s why a golden opportunity is emerging.