Vistafolio is Wealth Morning’s Managed Account solution for Eligible and Wholesale Investors. Once a month, we update account holders on the strategy and performance. Please find our latest update as follows:

This month saw our long-held conviction strategy pay off.

Other global equity funds in this market have shown drawdowns this year of around –18% and –15%.

I’m pleased to say we are in positive territory and positioning for further growth.

Overall, for the month of July 2022, we were up 6% across the composite portfolio (total aggregate return across all portfolios following the strategy).

This brings our overall return for the year tracking at 0.64%. Or 1.10% on an annualised basis.

Please see our performance chart for more details.


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How have we protected wealth when its value is falling in almost all other funds and markets — particularly property markets?

Simply, we relentlessly pursue value on a fairly concentrated basis, with conviction.

  • We look for value in earnings when growth is projected.
  • We look for value in assets when we can get them at a discount.
  • We look for temporary situations where the real value of a business has been overlooked.
  • We seldom speculate, chase the latest fad, or blindly buy across the indexes.

This is not time to be fearful. Despite gloomy sentiment, employment is strong, economies are still grappling with unmet capacity, and central banks are acting decisively on the inflation concern.

It is a good time to be adding funds for long-term growth and income. Before the opportunity of buying great businesses at value moves on again.



Simon Angelo

Editor, Wealth Morning 

Past performance is not an indicator for future performance. Your actual portfolio will differ from the composite portfolio mentioned. The information contained in this document does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy an investment, nor should it be construed as investment advice. Vistafolio investment services are available to Eligible Investors and Wholesale Investors (not to Retail Investors) as defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act (2013).