Simon Angelo

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Simon is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher at Wealth Morning. He has been investing in the markets since he was 17. He recently spent a couple of years working in the hedge-fund industry in Europe. Before this, he owned an award-winning professional-services business and online-learning company in Auckland for 20 years. He has completed the Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management from the Personal Finance Society (UK), has written a bestselling book, and manages global share portfolios.

Dollar’s Demise? Tucking into Putin

Vladimir Putin has declared that the US dollar needs to be dethroned. How credible is his challenge? What’s really at stake here?

Maximum Upside: War, Greece, and Logistics

It’s the golden rule of value investing. Sharpen your upside, while protecting your downside. To do this, we’re watching three emerging trends for 2024.

Don’t Put Your Prosperity on Hold

Ask yourself: why does a wealth gap exist? Why are some people more prosperous than others? Well, ancient biblical wisdom might give us the answer.

Portfolio Update: January 2024 — A New Cycle Begins

We’re now entering the second year of a bull market. Is a quantum shift in wealth about to happen? Here are six strategic events that we’re watching closely.

Takeover Sharks Circling: Where I’m Value-Hunting Now

Mergers and acquisitions went quiet in 2022 and 2023. But right now, they are roaring and surging again. What’s the reason for this renewed hunger?

Simon Angelo: The Thin Thread of Prosperity

Wealth. Poverty. The dividing line between the two might be more tenuous than you think. Here’s how you can emerge on the right side of history.

Sunrise or Sunset? 2 Industries That Could Shine or Wither

Some sectors rise. Some sectors fall. It’s all about timing. This smart strategy could help investors figure out where the best value lies.

The Madoff Scandal: Where the Money Lies

Greed. Deception. Exposure. Here’s what Bernie Madoff’s shocking crime reveals about the true nature of the financial market.

End of Year Portfolio Update: December 2023 — Freedom and Opportunity Ahead

It’s a fantastic photo finish. Our composite portfolio has clocked in our best annual result since 2019. Here’s what comes next for this exceptional bull market.

It Blew Up! Time to Buy?

The electric-vehicle revolution has been hyped up for ages. But so far, exponential growth has been disappointing. Is this about to change?

Improbable Success: Polo and Singapore

It’s about clarity, efficiency, and innovation. Simon Angelo reports directly from Singapore with some striking lessons about the journey from Third World to First.

Money Is Changing: This Sector Could Be Hot in 2024

The next big wave in fintech is already happening. It’s transforming the way we use money across borders. Here’s what it could mean for you.

Bitcoin: Feast or Famine Ahead?

Bitcoin continues to fascinate us. At this point, is it durable as an asset class? Or is it simply oversold? What does the future look like?

La Dolce Vita: The Italian Sweet Life for Half Price

Italy is struggling with a demographic crisis. The nation needs new skills and investment. Could this innovative idea be a silver bullet?

Goat Testicles, The Stock Scam, and Protecting Your Wealth

Everyone talks about growing wealth. But what about protecting wealth? Here’s one high-value area with defensive qualities that’s worth paying attention to.