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The Chinese Century: Boom or Bust?

Will the 21st century end up becoming the Chinese century? Not quite. Here are some growing pains on the horizon.

Insurance Policy: Why Chinese Migrants Succeed

Years ago, millions left China to escape authoritarianism. They set up migrant communities from East to West. This is their remarkable story.

Distorted History: What China Doesn’t Want You to Know About Taiwan

Ideals are peaceful, but history is violent. Here’s why you should care about the secret rivalry between the two Chinas.

China’s Big Risk: The Case for Investing Beyond Asia-Pacific

A more assertive mainland China has Taiwan firmly in its sights. America may be drawn into this conflict. Here’s what’s at stake.

America v. China: How to Invest When Empires Clash

Know your enemy. Understand your enemy. It gives you the edge in diplomacy and war. So why don’t we practise it more often?

Clash of Cultures: American Optimism vs Chinese Anxiety

Geography is destiny. It’s causing a clash between American plenty and Chinese scarcity. Why are these two cultures so different?

The Great Chip War: A Golden Investment Opportunity in the Making?

It’s a global crisis. There’s a huge shortage of microchips. Here’s why it’s leading America and China into an epic confrontation.

COVID-19: What This Economic Reset Means for Your Wealth

The COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand is one of the toughest in the world. As we aim to reopen our economy, here’s what we need to watch out for.

Coronavirus Pandemic Sparks Fear in the World Economy

It’s impossible to miss the headlines. The virus pandemic has sparked fear throughout the world. What does the economic fallout look like?

Interest Rates Should Be Discovered, Not Made

The US is overworking in many ways worse off than he was in the 1970s. We spend twice as much time to put a roof over his head and wheels under his feet.

Chinese Companies are Increasingly Venturing Outside of China

While coffee drinkers knock back around 120 cups of coffee per year, the average consumption for China is only one cup a year. But interest for coffee in China is growing.

The Next Anvil Waiting to Drop

As Trump continues to starve China of dollars, the Middle Kingdom might become more desperate. China will either cave to America’s terms, or they will have to radically change how they do things.

The Implications of a Chinese Collapse

Bass says China has a whole lot of debt, is chock-full of bad loans. And with fewer American dollars reaching Chinese shores, the Chinese central bank has less firepower to prevent things from getting ugly.

Facial Recognition Tech isn’t All Doom and Gloom

I’d still return to China in a heartbeat. It’s an awesome country. But its high-tech developments can quickly go from feeling impressive to intrusive.

Uber versus Gold…or Something Else?

Uber or gold, which do you pick? While I’m no gold bug, I wouldn’t blame you for picking the latter. It’s probably a better option than piling into a company going bust!