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Hedge Funds No Longer on Trump’s Side

China wants a deal, Trump can smell it! It’s why they’re printing yuan in the billions and pushing it out into the system.

The Donald Is More Powerful than Interest Rates

Right now, two things are making Trump upset. Higher interest rates and a strong dollar. Both of which are conveniently out of his control.

Does Debt Matter When You Can Print Money?

Debt is a scary thing. Especially since most of us in debt are paying interest on top of interest. For the government though, debt seems pretty OK. Or at least, that’s how some think.

A Big Loser from the US Government Shutdown

This is now the longest government shutdown in US history, and no one has any clue as to how much longer it will last.

The Debt Bomb That Could Blow in 2019

The Fed were planning to ‘normalise’ monetary policy very slowly. They didn’t expect much turbulence. The truth is that it’s not shaping out to be that way. Markets have been jolting all year.

More Fear Creeping into the Market

The Fed is looking at one more interest rate hike this year and three in 2019…or so they said. But investors aren’t buying it.

This Rare Recession Indicator is Flashing Amber

If you are not familiar with bonds, they are basically a loan agreement. Usually the longer the term of the debt, the higher the yield since the risk is higher. Yet sometimes, this curve inverts.

Why These US Economic Figures Should Make Us Nervous

The US may be looking like it is on a winning streak, but US consumers are basing future expectation on past performance. The problem with this thinking is that it is flawed.

What You Should Do If You’re Close to Retirement

To jump or not to jump out of a volatile market, that’s the question the mainstream is asking right now. What if you’re close to retirement and you’re just holding the market right now?

US Politics’ Effect on the Stock Market

When the stock market responds to strong economic news with falls, it’s not a bullish sign, folks. Why? Because it means the Fed will continue raising rates.

Watching the Fed with Interest

The Fed must surely realise the ‘low for longer’ strategy has painted them into a corner…damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Why You Should Start Preparing for a Financial Crisis Between 2019-2021

It’s coming. We’ve dodged the bullet this year. But we may want to start preparing for a crisis sometime between 2019 and 2021!

America’s Phony Economy

Markets are always looking at the glass, measuring one half against the other. Investors are always trying to guess whether the glass is filling up or emptying out.

Why Fairy Tales are Better than YouTube

In 2014, I adapted the story There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, to describe the absurdity of the Fed’s actions in handling crises of their making.

This is How to Get Cheaper Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is expensive, especially in the US. As you can see in the chart below, the US spends, on average, about double per person compared to other developed countries.   Source: Health System Tracker [Click to enlarge] Healthcare cost is