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Chinese President Admits He’s Scared of a Black Swan Event

It might be years, maybe even decades, before we see another black swan. That’s what China’s hoping for at least…

Why You Should Buy Local Shares…

A local strategy is usually one that dominates over time. And as we move to a localised world, I think these locally dominant companies are the ones that will benefit.

Now the Trade War’s Fake, Too

The show went on! And, as we predicted, The Donald claimed victory…and stocks went up. Fake money. Fake interest rates. Fake employment. Fake boom.

Trump Will Claim Victory

This is the big day. The music starts. The lights go on. And the curtain rises. Trump meets with China’s leader and decide the fate of the world economy.

What Trump Will Say at the G20

The Fed’s big mistake following the 2008 crisis was holding interest rates down too low for too long. This discouraged saving and made debt more attractive.

Life Happens When You’re Away

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we consider what’s most important in life: community, togetherness, and the golden opportunity to focus on each other.

What Americans Really Need Right Now

Americans generally believe that the economy under Trump is galloping along at a fantastic pace. Sadly, that’s not the truth.

How a Chinese Billionaire Was Erased

Trump is at war with the US Federal Reserve over the issue of interest rates. How high is too high? And how low is too low? Here’s the inconvenient truth.

Can Only ‘Good Guys’ Enforce the Constitution?

The financial markets are out of control. Which means a crash is all but inevitable. Can the US Supreme Court do anything about it?

How the Supreme Court Failed Americans

The US Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority in the land. But right now, it’s failing to live up to its sacred duty.

Trump’s War with the Fed

Trump seems to be at war with everyone. But right now, his main adversary is the Federal Reserve, which has defied Trump by raising interest rates.

How the Deep State Impeaches Trump

Trump believes he’s invulnerable and nothing can touch him. But it all depends on the economy. Here’s what could happen if it goes sour.

Why America Hasn’t Had a Raise in Forty Years

Believe it or not, the wage of the average American has risen by only 13 cents an hour annually since the beginning of this century. Here’s why.

‘Good News’ From Venezuela…

Inflation and debt have crippled Venezuela’s economy. Is President Trump making the mistake of assuming that the same can’t happen to America?

Trump’s ‘Genius Hypothesis’ Revealed

You can always count on Trump to put a fresh spin on things. His new economic theory is a winner — let’s make more money by going further into debt.