Time is money. Money is time. Get over it.

We lost a lot of time yesterday. We were meant to fly to Buenos Aires from Frankfurt. But things often go wrong…our flight from Dublin was late, so we missed the onward plane.

Then, Frankfurt Airport turned into a bad French movie — with hundreds of passengers (including your editor) wandering around like zombies in a dead-zone area…and no way to get out.

Finally, a fat man on a bicycle came along and showed us the way to liberate ourselves.

We also complicated our situation by leaving a small bag on the plane…

Size matters. In a small airport, such as the one in Cork, Ireland, we could have just told someone…They would have retrieved the bag for us, and we would have been on our way in minutes.

But the airport at Frankfurt is immense. There is no one to ask about anything. And since many flights had been delayed by a sudden storm, as ours was, hundreds of people were lining up to ask the clerks to reroute them.

It could have been worse.

They could have been starving people lining up for food. Or refugees trying to get out of a war zone. Or a mob of millions…whose credit cards no longer work after the credit market collapses.


Out of time

Out of money and out of time, people become desperate. But there will be no use raising a fist and howling at the cosmic injustice of it. Neither money nor time will care…and neither should the Supreme Court.

The bull market on Wall Street is running out of time. The economic expansion, too, is at the end of its life expectancy. A trade war is heating up, which could cripple the Chinese economy…and flatten that of the US, too.

China depends on its surpluses with the US But so do the Deep State moneybags. If trade seizes up, it’s just a matter of time before the whole thing blows up. And the Supremes, as we showed yesterday, are partly to blame.

But what ho! A new accuser! And maybe another 100 million hours spent on the story!

This time, a woman alleges that she got drunk at a party. And with the aid of lawyers and the media…she was able to recover a hazy memory of the Supreme Court nominee taking off his pants!

(Readers are invited to get used to exclamation points! We’re going to need a lot of them to get through the story!)

We didn’t even know it was an offense to take off your pants at a party! Shows how out-of-it we are!

And here we connect some dots…perhaps unwanted, and surely unwelcome.

But time is not to be trifled with. The minutes leave; they don’t come back. It doesn’t matter what anyone remembers…what they want…or how they feel about it.

The press reported yesterday that the elite students of Yale Law School want a chance to tell the nation how their personal lives — as women, gays, whatever — could be affected by a Justice Kavanaugh.

But to make a long story short, neither time, money, nor the Supreme Court give a damn.

Yes, dear reader, here at the Diary, Trump’s true believers are mad at us because we have our doubts about him…Trump’s enemies are mad at us because we have our doubts about him…And now, women are mad at us, too.

Why? Because we have our doubts about the entire thing.

‘Believe the women!’ they say. And yes, we believe the women are telling what they think is the truth. But what difference does it make what we believe…or what truth the women are telling?


Slain giant

Ah, there it is…right there, out in the open…like a giant slain by a sling.

The mighty Supremes…the (pre-1971) almighty dollar…the supreme might of time itself — they are supreme because they are all indifferent.

They don’t care what we…you…or the Yale Law School students think.

Do you have to be a nice guy to enforce the Constitution? Of course not.

Do you have to go to Georgetown Prep to travel in first class? No, you just have to have the money.

Does it matter if you’re running late for your flight? Nope. The plane takes off without you.

The Constitution was set in place to protect the liberties of states and individuals against the federal government. It lays out what the feds can do. Everything else, it says, is left for the states and the people.

Does it matter what you think? Does it matter how you feel about it? Does it matter how it affects your personal life?

Would it matter if a Supreme Court justice believed in angels, hated women, and smoked dope in public places? Not at all. He is only supposed to make sure the liberties of the people and the prerogatives of the states are protected.

Time doesn’t slow down, even if you need more of it to save for your retirement. Real money doesn’t get easier to get just because you are running short. And a disaster isn’t avoided just because the president thinks the economy is doing great.

The world turns, whether you like it or not.

And tomorrow…we’ll look closer at what time, the Supreme Court, and funny money have done to Americans’ real wealth.


Bill Bonner