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Chinese Gold: An Urgent Trend?

The Chinese have fallen out of love with property. They are now flocking to gold. What impact will this have on the wider economy?

Taiwan: Rolling the Dice?

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been brewing for over 70 years now. We go behind the headlines and reveal the unspoken truth.

Fast Track Pharma and a Commodity Bull Market

Is this the time for courage? We’re taking a look at two trends: healthcare and mining. Which is set to make a bigger splash globally?

Rare Earths: A New Balance of Power?

Electronics. Energy. Defence. Critical metals are urgently in all these areas. Here’s why a new cycle for mineral mining is about to begin.

Incredible India: An Incredible Emerging Market?

Forget the Chinese. You should watch the Indians instead. Here’s why this dynamic nation has become the fastest-growing major economy in the world.

The New Renaissance: RIP Woke

The next cultural uprising is on the cards. But this time, socialism is on the retreat. Here’s why conservatism has become fashionable in the West again.

AI: The Next Secular Bull Cycle?

Ask yourself: could more things happen in the next 20 years than the last 200? Here’s how robotics and automation might transform our social landscape.

The End of China? Here’s Why the Dragon Is Falling

Once upon a time, everyone believed that China would overtake America. But surprise, surprise. The Chinese economy is now fading, even as America accelerates ahead.

Portfolio Update: January 2024 — A New Cycle Begins

We’re now entering the second year of a bull market. Is a quantum shift in wealth about to happen? Here are six strategic events that we’re watching closely.

America Is Bankrupt: Is This the End?

Are you feeling pessimistic about the United States? You’re not alone. But here’s what the media isn’t telling you: America is stronger and more dynamic than ever before.

Clash of Cultures: American Optimism vs Chinese Anxiety

Geography is destiny. It’s causing a clash between American plenty and Chinese scarcity. Why are these two cultures so different?

NZ and China: A Souring Relationship?

New Zealand has enjoyed close trade ties with China. But lately, the cracks are starting to show. Is it time for us to rethink our foreign policy?

Fresh off the Boat: An Immigrant Story

A century ago, millions left China to escape famine and conflict. They set up new communities from East to West. This is their remarkable story.

Revenge Travel: These Tourism Stocks Are Surging

Covid disruption is over. Travel is on the rise. Is this the $2 trillion wealth trend that investors need to embrace right now?

BRICS: Is Your Wealth in Danger?

The rise of BRICS has stirred up controversy in the Western media. Is the anxiety justified? Well, here’s the unspoken truth.