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A Trade War Win Won’t Boost the U.S. Economy Enough

Is Donald Trump about to declare victory in the trade war? Don’t be too happy about it. We haven’t seen any benefit to the economy just yet.

China May Decide When the Next US Financial Crisis Comes

Donald Trump needs to claim victory in t the Chinese trade war. But the Chinese may have hold of him.

Chinese Dragon Runs Out of Puff: What Now for Investors?

Someone has to hold China to account. And China will be the one who will either lose or reform. The Chinese dragon is running out of puff.

China Isn’t Ready to Be the World’s Leading Economy

‘China’s got a big advantage,’ began a friend after dinner. ‘It doesn’t have elections every four years.

What to Expect as World Trade Slows and Bonds Signal Recession

Stocks are still near all-time highs. Unemployment is at record lows. The expansion, which began 10 years ago, is now the longest on record. A prudent investor should expect these conditions to change. World trade is slowing. Bonds are signalling

Gold Tells Us the Stock Market’s True Condition

Buying the Dow with 40 ounces of gold in January 2000. By January 2011, the Dow 30 stocks would cost 8 ounces.

We Answer Your Money Questions

If you want to make money — whatever route you choose — the road to profit is paved with both opportunity and crisis.

How America Goes Full-Venezuela

We suspect a big disaster is coming later in the century…and why we suspect it will be centred in the Fake Money Capital of the World – the USA.

America’s ‘Light Unto the World’ Is Now a Bonfire

The cost of living has continued to rise. By the 21st century, the typical man had to work twice as long to buy an average house and an average car as he did in 1975.

US-China Trade War! What it Means for NZ

It will be one of the interesting events in our history as the US confronts China over its trade practices. For now, all we can do is have faith that fairness will prevail.

The Nice Thing About Donald Trump…

China has been providing Americans with low-cost goods for nearly 40 years…with trade barriers coming down steadily. Suddenly, the China trade is unacceptable.

How ‘Megapolitics’ Destroy Wealth

In the ongoing trade war, the Chinese are unleashing their own dogs. They’re now threatening to stop buying food from the US altogether and even sell their US Treasuries.

Should Alabama Impose Tariffs on California?

Banning trade didn’t work for North Korea. Instead, it created a Hell on Earth. But how about the US? Would it create an Eden here?

Washington’s War on Tomatoes

The stock market was rattled after Donald Trump threatened to raise tariffs on Chinese goods.The Chinese replied with silly threats of their own.

Wisdom Comes at a Price…

Mr Trump watched the stock market sink; the Dow dropped as much as 648 points intra-day. He fully intends to blame the next downturn on the Fed.