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What Is Facebook’s Libra?

US officials are looking at Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, and can only see one thing. Danger! What about the consumers?

Blink and You’ll Miss the ‘New Money’

Maybe you’ve heard ‘Libra’ in the news recently? It’s a crypto, created by Facebook and backed by many more billion-dollar companies, which could be the first step towards a new form of money.

Facebook Is Looking at Integrating to More Areas of Your Life

Facebook is looking at launching their own digital currency next year. Something they have called project Libra, or Global Coin.

Are You Ready for Internet 2.0?

Google, Facebook and Amazon…these are all household names. Flushed with cash and ambition to grow, all three continue to become a larger part of our lives. But what might surprise you are the roots of all three.

What Can We Learn From the Facebook Saga?

Be cautious. Often the Street and the mainstream will suggest something that turns out to be completely wrong. Take Facebook, Inc. [NASDAQ:FB] for example…

Google is Looking to Get Their Hands on This Treasure

Sidewalk Toronto is looking at creating a smart city ‘from the internet up’, using sensors and smart devices. It all sounds great…but there’s a problem.

FAANG: The New ‘Nifty Fifty’

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google — these are hot stocks that everyone’s talking about. But look past the hype and you’ll see trouble on the horizon.

The Shocking Truth Behind Social Media Mass Surveillance

You are being watched. By Facebook. By Google. By digital eyes and ears everywhere. The big question is whether you should be happy about it.

Standout Stocks You Should By In The Dip

Is that it? Stocks had a terrible October, but now everything will rally until the end of the year? It’s what market research firm Fundstrat seems to think.

Can You Tell Fact from Fiction?

Brazilians went to the polls yesterday. And, it’s a fact that fake news has been rife throughout the election, mainly distributed through WhatsApp.

Why the Information Revolution Failed

We live in the age of mobile devices and streaming content. We should be wiser and better informed. So why do we still lack common sense about the economy?

Why Apple and Amazon Really Want Bloomberg’s Report to Go Away

According to Apple and Amazon, there are no Chinese spy chips. No one has unauthorised access to US information. Everything is running as it should.

Profiting from Bargain Stocks

If you’re going to invest large chucks of your wealth in stocks, please don’t speculate. What’s the alternative? Look for wonderful companies you can understand and that have high potential for reward.

Whose Side Are Big Tech Companies On?

Overnight, four tech titans — Apple, Facebook, Youtube (owned by Alphabet/Google) and Spotify — simultaneously banned Alex Jones’ Info Wars news channel.

Facebook: Hot to Not

On Thursday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost $17.7 billion in just 24 hours, after Facebook shares went into a nearly 20% freefall.