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News of Coronavirus Spread Sends Stocks Plummeting

After a huge fall due to coronavirus fears, stocks have now regained some stability. But watch out. There’s more ominous news looming on the horizon.

Coronavirus: Is It Causing Bitcoin to Soar?

Blink and you might just miss it. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have surged in value during the coronavirus outbreak.

Inflationary Stimulus Won’t Solve the World’s Problems

Driven by fear of the coronovirus, China has injected $57 billion worth of liquidity into its economy. Here’s why it’s a mistake.

Modern Monetary Theory Is Accepted Among Government Economists

Inflation has increasingly become the norm in economic policy. Just look at how easily both China and America have embraced this drug.

Cryptocurrency Price Crash: Here’s Why It Happened

In December, we saw the value of cryptocurrencies take a nosedive. It’s all related to an incredible heist involving a Chinese company known as PlusToken.

A Trade War Win Won’t Boost the U.S. Economy Enough

Is Donald Trump about to declare victory in the trade war? Don’t be too happy about it. We haven’t seen any benefit to the economy just yet.

China Isn’t Ready to Be the World’s Leading Economy

‘China’s got a big advantage,’ began a friend after dinner. ‘It doesn’t have elections every four years.

Here’s What Uber Is Really Worth

Three times, the Dow has tried to beat its October 2018 high of 2,680. And three times, it has failed. This ‘triple top’ formation is a bad sign.

Washington’s War on Tomatoes

The stock market was rattled after Donald Trump threatened to raise tariffs on Chinese goods.The Chinese replied with silly threats of their own.

The Next Anvil Waiting to Drop

As Trump continues to starve China of dollars, the Middle Kingdom might become more desperate. China will either cave to America’s terms, or they will have to radically change how they do things.

A Tech War Fought with Dollars

Trump doesn’t seem to be backing down. He’s got more tariffs at the ready, expected to be launched by Friday. China, on the other hand, is putting on a brave face.

The Implications of a Chinese Collapse

Bass says China has a whole lot of debt, is chock-full of bad loans. And with fewer American dollars reaching Chinese shores, the Chinese central bank has less firepower to prevent things from getting ugly.

A Dying Dragon: 7 Signs of China’s Impending Doom

To our north, a dragon is dying. The Chinese machine is grinding to a halt…much to the surprise — and chagrin — of economists.

Year of the Pig — Your Year to Make Money?

Today we start a new Lunar Year — the Year of the Pig. They say 2019 is a good year to make money and to invest, because the pig attracts success.

Chinese President Admits He’s Scared of a Black Swan Event

It might be years, maybe even decades, before we see another black swan. That’s what China’s hoping for at least…