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Bill Bonner: Seeing Eye Human

Untying the US economy from China is not possible. The relationship is sick…but symbiotic. The US provides the fake money. China provides the cheap stuff.

With or Without Trade Wars, China is Going to Hit a Wall

China, the global growth engine of the past decade, is slowing…under the weight of debt, trade war and that other indisputable force…

The Wrong Moves to Make in a Trade War

What happens when one country gets jealous of another country’s advantage? What happens when China wants to be India and Australia wants to be Japan?

How a Chinese Billionaire Was Erased

Trump is at war with the US Federal Reserve over the issue of interest rates. How high is too high? And how low is too low? Here’s the inconvenient truth.

Will New Tariffs Spell Trouble for the Recycling Industry?

New tariffs will make it more expensive for China to import waste material from the US to recycle. Yet this comes at a time when the recycling industry is already in trouble.

Everything Is Going Digital in China

In many respects, China is far more digital than the West. Their ecommerce industry is just as big, and potentially more important.

Part III: The Belt & Road Initiative

There isn’t an emperor in China any more…there’s President Xi Jinping. And he’s going to attempt to outdo what his ancestors achieved. A modern Silk Road.

Part II: Byzantines, Mongols and the Black Plague

After 1,400 years of prosperity, wars and conquest, the Silk Road met its demise. Rats and fleas.

Part I: The Ancient Silk Road

Chinese President Xi Jinping is resurrecting the Silk Road as we speak. It will transform what you buy, who you buy from and who you sell to.

China’s Great Quest for Rain

How great would it be to be able to control the weather? This is something China is actually working on – a massive artificial rain project.