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Why You Might Need a Garage to Get Rich

The humble garage was the birthplace of Kiwi innovation. But are we now strangling business success? Here’s what Germany has that we don’t.

New Zealand Property Market: An Eerie Warning from the IMF

What happens when asset bubbles pop? It’s happened in Ireland. It’s happened in America. Could New Zealand be next?

Help! They Just Made Housing Uninvestable

It’s a massive shake-up. Property investors are now facing tougher restrictions. Here’s why it’s time to urgently diversify into stocks.

The Kiwi Dream: Have Millennials Missed Out on Housing?

House prices have escalated sharply in recent years. It’s a generational dilemma. Do millennials still have a shot at home ownership?

Property & Shares: Getting Ahead in Overvalued Markets

It’s the latest edition of our radio show. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how to find margin of safety in a rising economy.

Would You Still Buy That House if Mortgage Rates Hit 16%?

The true rate of inflation has been underestimated in New Zealand. Housing is the main cause. Here are 3 ways we could fix this problem.

Housing Debt Crisis: $300 Billion and Climbing

New Zealand’s housing debt is now so large that it now comprises almost the entire economy. Can we solve this addiction? Is it too late?

Where First Home Buyers Can Get a Decent Home for $103,000

It’s the stunning tale of two different housing markets. One has an undersupply. The other has an oversupply. What can we learn from this?

Silver Bullet: Here’s How We Solve the Kiwi Housing Crisis

It’s shocking: New Zealand has the highest rate of homelessness in the OECD. How has it reached this point? Here’s our urgent solution.

Real Estate or Stocks: Which Is Better?

Which gives you the most upside? Real estate or stocks? Here’s a quick and easy explanation of the risks and opportunities involved.

Top Expert Tips for Selling Your High-End Home

Aiming to sell a high-end property? Here’s how you can market your home to the right buyers and secure the best possible deal.

Jasper: Should More Kiwis Be Investing in Commercial Real Estate?

Jasper is making commercial property more accessible than ever. Here’s how their new Industrial Income Plus Fund could be a game changer.

Investing in the Covid Recovery: The Dangers and Opportunities You Need to Know

If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it. Here are the shocking economic parallels between 2020 and 1920.

Is This the Biggest Risk to Your Wealth?

It’s a proposal that’s scaring many of us. A wealth tax. Here’s why it’s regressive and will do more harm than good.

Voting for Your Wealth on October 17

It’s just five days to go until polling day. How will the policies of each political party affect your wealth? We take a critical look.