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This Rare Recession Indicator is Flashing Amber

If you are not familiar with bonds, they are basically a loan agreement. Usually the longer the term of the debt, the higher the yield since the risk is higher. Yet sometimes, this curve inverts.

Google is Looking to Get Their Hands on This Treasure

Sidewalk Toronto is looking at creating a smart city ‘from the internet up’, using sensors and smart devices. It all sounds great…but there’s a problem.

Blockchain Is Bigger Than Bitcoin

While bitcoin’s price keeps fluctuating, we are seeing more companies and people flowing into blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin.

How Big Tech Has Become Big Brother

We all use Facebook and Google for leisure and work. But is it really as harmless as it seems? They have trapped us in a web of surveillance and censorship.

Why Are Central Banks Now Buying Gold?

Central bankers usually add gold to their reserves to diversify, and to provide a hedge against inflation. According to Bloomberg, central banks now hold about a fifth of the gold ever mined.

Why These US Economic Figures Should Make Us Nervous

The US may be looking like it is on a winning streak, but US consumers are basing future expectation on past performance. The problem with this thinking is that it is flawed.

Can You Tell Fact from Fiction?

Brazilians went to the polls yesterday. And, it’s a fact that fake news has been rife throughout the election, mainly distributed through WhatsApp.

Long Bull Market Could Be Setting Us Up For Worst Recession Yet

This has been a seriously long bull market. Yet things aren’t well. We have been warning for a while now that we are heading for a major crash.

Crypto: The Quest For Mainstream Use

The excitement has died down…or at least that’s what it looks like on the surface. While crypto prices are barely moving, there is a lot going on in the background.

Crypto: Forget The Hate, Follow The Money

There was quite a row going on Twitter all last week. In case you missed it, it started with Nouriel Roubini’s comments on crypto during a US senate hearing.

The October Effect Theory

October is bad for markets. At least that’s according to the so-called October Effect theory. Apparently, investors get nervous this time of the year, so markets are more prone to declines.

The Spanish Digital Currency Wars

Madrid and Barcelona — Spain’s two main cities — are major rivals. But there is one thing these two cities agree on: they both want their own digital currency.

The European Conundrum: Gap Between North and South Expands

Costs of living in Germany are similar to Spain…restaurants, supermarkets, shops have similar prices. Yet salaries are much higher.

Will New Tariffs Spell Trouble for the Recycling Industry?

New tariffs will make it more expensive for China to import waste material from the US to recycle. Yet this comes at a time when the recycling industry is already in trouble.

Argentina’s Economic Lifejacket isn’t What it Seems

The Argentinean peso started diving in April. To stop the freefall, the central bank raised interest rates from 27% to 40%. Argentina now has the highest interest rates in the world.