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What China Doesn’t Want You to Know About Taiwan

Ideals are peaceful, but history is violent. Here’s why you should care about the secret rivalry between the two Chinas.

America Overtakes China? Investment Lessons for Our Time

Surprise, surprise. The American economy is now proving to be more dynamic and resilient than China’s. Here’s why freedom is the way forward.

Clash of Cultures: American Optimism vs Chinese Anxiety

Geography is destiny. It’s causing a clash between American plenty and Chinese scarcity. Why are these two cultures so different?

China’s Big Risk: The Case for Investing Beyond Asia-Pacific

A more assertive mainland China has Taiwan firmly in its sights. America may be drawn into this conflict. Here’s what’s at stake.

America vs China: How to Invest When Empires Clash

Know your enemy. Understand your enemy. It gives you the edge in diplomacy and war. So why don’t we practise it more often?

The Great Chip War: A Golden Investment Opportunity in the Making?

It’s a global crisis. There’s a huge shortage of microchips. Here’s why it’s leading America and China into an epic confrontation.

Trump’s Trade War: Just More Swamp Food

Politics got a boost with the election of Donald J Trump. Before his administration took over, trade was very low on the feds’ agenda.

The American Bolsheviks Are Coming…

Politics is the enemy of civilisation. It is the enemy, too, of economic progress. Most important, it is the enemy of dignity and clear thinking.

The Most Important Ratio in All of Investing

If Mr Trump is right, Americans no longer want free trade; they want protection from it. And if the Democrats are right, they want protection from free enterprise, too.

Here’s What Uber Is Really Worth

Three times, the Dow has tried to beat its October 2018 high of 2,680. And three times, it has failed. This ‘triple top’ formation is a bad sign.

Conversations with a Ghost

You’ve got a debt of $22 trillion that you can’t possibly pay. I see you’re spending 38% of GDP, but you’re only collecting about 17% of GDP in taxes.

The Wrong Moves to Make in a Trade War

What happens when one country gets jealous of another country’s advantage? What happens when China wants to be India and Australia wants to be Japan?

The Art of (Trade) War

I don’t think Trump is up late at night reading Sun Tzu’s play book. But he’s fairing pretty well at trade warfare.

Why Trump’s Tariffs Won’t Work

This whole trade war is pointless. The US is fighting a losing battle and China is fighting an unwinnable battle. Let me explain why…

What Military Suicide Rates Tell You about the Trade War

General Zhang Yang found himself under anti-corruption investigation. One of the most powerful military generals in the country would end up taking his own life. Coincidence?