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Want Recognition? Now You Have it

EverAI is a facial recognition service. As it turns out, Ever was helping you store your photos but also quietly using them to train their AI facial recognition system.

A Clever Hack for Spotting Emerging Tech Trends

As these titans of industry have risen through the ranks of the world’s largest companies…they’re morphing. And they’re all changing the same way…by becoming competitors with one another.

Facial Recognition Tech isn’t All Doom and Gloom

I’d still return to China in a heartbeat. It’s an awesome country. But its high-tech developments can quickly go from feeling impressive to intrusive.

We’re Just Getting Started, Says Father of the Web

Today, you have the world at your fingertips. You can work from anywhere. You can find answers to almost any question. But it’s just the beginning.

Make No Mistake, It’s All About Your Data

A Japanese company, Vaak, is looking at predicting crime before it happens. The company has developed a software that uses artificial intelligence and looks at predicting shoplifting.

Graphene Could Be A Game Changer

In the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we saw some cool stuff like foldable phones. But, there was also something interesting from the Institute of Photonic Sciences.

5G Is About More than Fast Speeds

We use mobile phones for pretty much everything. To cope with the massive amounts of data we consume, we will need better connections. Enter 5G.

Why Bitcoin Could be Around for Another 10 Years

The lifespan of Bitcoin has been around the longest of all cryptos, which could mean that it has the best chance of all cryptos to survive.

How the Future of Tech Will Reverse Globalisation

I’m not a technology nihilist. I don’t believe technology will rise up against us and thwart the human race. But tech of all shapes and sizes is pushing a lot of us out of jobs.

Read This if You’ve Ever Been Mad at Bitcoin

There’s nothing quite as polarising as cryptocurrency. You could survey 100 people; most wouldn’t be able to name anything outside of bitcoin.

What Will Your Future Phone Look Like?

When an expert on mobile tech predicts a big shake-up, we listen. Because a change in mobile likely affects more people than a change in any other tech sector.

How 5G Could Unleash the Motherlode

5G is the next generation of connectivity. Unless we get 5G, it’s hard to imagine a future of driverless cars, remote surgery or the Internet of Things.

Why Jack Ma is Giving Up His Multi-Billion Dollar Empire

Not many people regret building a multi-billion-dollar company. Jack Ma said he would rather go back to his teaching days, where he was earning US$13.26 a month.

Nikolai Tesla and Crimes Against Humanity

I’ve been looking around for the next ‘big’ investment opportunity. Which is pretty hard when most developed markets are at all-time or multi year highs.

Meet the Typist-3000

Do you think that robots threaten your future? You’re not alone. According to Pew Research, over 70% of Americans share your view.