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5 Key Habits of Successful New Zealand Investors

If you want to succeed at investing, you have to go beyond guesswork. You have to develop a smart approach like Peter Thiel and Warren Buffett.

Landslide for Legal Marijuana

Countries are opening their doors to legal marijuana. Many are starting with legal medicinal marijuana. Some are going with legal recreational marijuana.

When Big Tech Joins Forces with Big Crypto

There’s been a massive new announcement with one of the world’s biggest tech companies. This one has a market cap of more than US$200 billion.

This High-Tech Infrastructure Boom Means Big Money

It took us 14 long, creaky hours by train. But that was OK. After all, we were on holiday. It was 2012, and my wife and I were on a six-month around-the-world trip. As such, we travelled at the pace

The Best Companies Aren’t Always Western

Uber is surely one of the most successful start-ups of their era. Launching as ‘Uber’ in 2010, they’ve quickly spread to every corner of the earth. Take a look at this 2016 graph of ride hailing companies around the world.

Rather than Focus on Trade Talks, Look at These Opportunities

The trade war is on…no wait, it’s off. Can China and the US please make up their minds? On Tuesday, Donald Trump said he would tax US$50 billion worth of Chinese imports. He also plans to restrict Chinese investments into

How Blockchain Fish Will Create Generational Wealth

In the last few years, popularity for salmon has gone up noticeably thanks to the Chinese. Most like to enjoy the dish at a Japanese restaurant or cook it at home. You likely know someone who cannot stand it. But

How a Stronger China Means a Better Life for the US

It’s no secret China wants more tech savvy workers. China’s top tech companies are poaching top talent from Silicon Valley. The Red Kingdom has 17 innovation hubs scattered across major cities. China is even considering opening up their top scientific

How to Find the Next Amazon

I’ve always had the view that investing isn’t complicated. You don’t have to have a PhD or an IQ above 160. You don’t need to know about the capital asset pricing model. And you’re better off not knowing things like