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Will My Money Last? How to Invest for Life

Investing for life is about doing that well enough so that you can achieve financial independence. Work becomes optional. Your wealth increases your income.

Retire Early, Retire Well

When you combine your savings with strategy over time, you may discover that you actually end up with more than enough money.

Living at Sea? The Retirement Option That’s Making Waves

I recently came across André Sidler and co-founder Avril Hanna through my network. We caught up for coffee to discuss an extraordinary opportunity.

What To Do When the Retirement Age Moves to 85

With advancing medicines and anti-aging therapies, lifespans could increase by 20 years. Correspondingly, the age of retirement may also need to increase 20 years to be fundable.

Fast-track Your Dream Retirement — Here’s How

If you do not have a retirement plan in place, now is your chance to rectify this mistake. By following these five easy steps, you will be well-placed to fund your retirement.

What You Should Do If You’re Close to Retirement

To jump or not to jump out of a volatile market, that’s the question the mainstream is asking right now. What if you’re close to retirement and you’re just holding the market right now?

Here’s How to Retire 25 Years Early!

What if I told you that you could arrive at retirement five, 10, 20, even 25 years early? It’s completely doable. In fact, thousands of people are doing it around the world right now.

The Retirement Time Bomb

The number of Americans 65 plus going bankrupt is soaring. Low salary growth, debt and increasing healthcare costs are all starting to become a burden.

Retirement Dreamers Need This Reality Check

Sadly, many Kiwis fail to plan. They figure their KiwiSaver will get them through retirement…All good, right? Unfortunately, it probably won’t be.

New Zealand’s Old People Dilemma

The pension system has a fatal flaw. Like a tiny crack in a dam, this flaw will worsen and worsen until it all breaks loose.