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The Virus and the Property Market: Are We on a Precipice?

In the wake of Covid, the government’s easy-money policies have caused house prices to soar. But is a rude awakening about to happen?

Kill Your 30-Year Mortgage: Invest in This Instead

Auckland is New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city. Everyone is competing for a slice of it. But is there an alternative to this mad race?

Living Dangerously: The Risks That Can Make or Break Your Wealth

The volcanic tragedy at White Island has shocked us all. It’s a case of misjudged risk. But are we in danger of doing the same with our day-to-day lives?

Have We Passed ‘Peak Prosperity’?

There are three important decisions in life: What you do…with whom you do it…and where you do it. What. Who. Where. Keep it simple.