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NZX Ransom Attack: Why Hackers Target the Weakest Link

Last week, we saw a cyberattack being unleashed against the NZX. It was disruptive and damaging. Who did it? And what does it mean for you?

Hot Fintech ASX Stock Surges 1,250% in 2 Years

Fintech is one sector that could disrupt a day-to-day commodity we all use: banking and finance. Here’s how it will work in the future.

Cannasouth IPO — A Post-Mortem

On Wednesday, 19 June, the very first public cannabis company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Within 60 minutes of going live, the stock tanked…

Is Your Fear Leaving Millions on the Table?

While the market indexes were scathed in 2008–9, certain companies bucked the trend. Investors bought them at good value. They had nothing to fear from an ‘impending correction.’

Why I’m Investing in 33 Million Paying Customers

The number and reliability of customers remains an important test when it comes to investing in listed companies.

First Weed Company to List on the NZX?

Cannasouth is seeking $5 million from invited investors and another $5 million in a public offer. This could end a long listing drought on our bone-dry exchange.

Lousy IPOs — Are We Seeing the Extinction of the Unicorn?

Do you know who has really made money with Lyft and Uber? Private equity capital that got in early. The IPOs are a bit late.

Why a Kiwi Market Overhaul Is on the Cards

Here are my observations and recommendations for a more vibrant investment ecosystem here in New Zealand.

Winter Is Coming: All the Signs of a Slowing NZ Economy

Orr, Jones and friends seem to think that the economy needs jump-starting. Maybe it does…let’s look at the facts.

What’s Killing New Zealand’s Stock Market?

As we cross the 24-month mark for New Zealand’s IPO drought. It raises a question. Does New Zealand’s stock market have the capital to fund start-ups?

Sky TV [NZX:SKT] Share Price Soars by Over 4%

The Sky Network Television Limited [NZX:SKT] share price has increased by 4.1% at the time of writing.

The Urgent Hunt for Yield That’s Boosting Kiwi Stocks

One of the reasons shares and property have boomed is due to the new approach in monetary policy since the global financial crisis of 2008. The approach penalises savers in the bank but rewards the owners of physical and financial assets.

The a2 Milk Company Ltd [NZX:ATM] Share Price Dips Over 2%

The a2 Milk Company Ltd’s stock value has declined by 2.36% today. The recent jitters are linked to the controversy raging over Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Lucky Kiwis Make 27% a Year on This Power Stock

Why am I still hunting shares in electric utilities? I feel about electricity the same way I feel about salmon. Limited stocks, production difficulties, and growing world demand.

KiwiSaver Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

For most Kiwis, investing can seem scary, while KiwiSaver appears safe. Better let the pros handle the investments, right? WRONG.