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The Feds Add Liquidity to Sustain Economic Expansion

Are you hoping to retire on the new money coming from the Federal Reserve? Well, guess what. You are likely to be seriously disappointed.

The Feds Interfere in Markets and Multiply Corruption Opportunities

The amounts are staggering. But the process is old and familiar. As the feds interferes in markets, opportunities for corruption multiply.

What If Property Crashes?

Too much inflation and price instability becomes unmanageable. It feeds on itself to erode economic confidence.

Soviet Catastrophe Paints Grim Picture of America’s Future

There was a time, believe it or not, when economists wouldn’t presume to tell us what interest rates should be. They were ‘moral philosophers’ who merely observed and tried to understand.

Interest Rates Should Be Discovered, Not Made

The US is overworking in many ways worse off than he was in the 1970s. We spend twice as much time to put a roof over his head and wheels under his feet.

Speculators Bet on More Stimulus

The Fed doesn’t have a pile of cash sitting in the vault. It just creates money out of thin air.

Trump Encourages Spending Ahead of Next Election

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is for the Fed to enable the boneheads in the White House and Congress to spend more money

Get Out of the Debt Danger Zone

Today, interest is used by large banking companies and wealthy groups to profit. And it has debt danger in our modern economy.

Monetary Policy Won’t Preserve Economic Expansion

In, 2009-2019, debt rose even more. Worldwide, it more than doubled, growing five times faster than GDP.

‘Free’ Money Destroys the US Financial System

Our beat is money. And in today’s money world, truth is rare; beauty can be found only in irony and mockery.

Monetary Policy Won’t Solve the Next Financial Crisis

The economy is limping…staggering…and buckling. And you know what that means — cheaper credit…and more money for speculators!

Negative Interest Rates Are Not Normal

Negative interest rates are not the norm. You would borrow money. You buy the house. You sell the house 20 years later…and you give back the money.

Does Dow History Tell Us We’ve Already Seen America’s Peak?

Markets, economies, and even empires move in great, long-term swings. Sometimes they are forward-looking and expansive. Look at the american stock market.

What Our Grandkids Taught Us About Buying the Dip

Why is the average US man poorer today than he was 45 years ago? His income is lower. Our grandkids taught us value tips on buying the dip.

Entering Unknown Territory: Our OCR Hits a Record Low

OCR hits record low. Cut the interest rates all you like. But you may as well send a meat lover to a vegan buffet. Plenty to nibble on. Nothing to satisfy.