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Low Interest Rates: Opportunity or Risk Bonfire?

Interest rates are hitting record lows. That means it’s never been cheaper to borrow. But beware: debt is a double-edged sword.

The Forces That Degenerate an Empire

We tend to take the dominance of America’s empire for granted. It’s big, benevolent, and eternal. But, increasingly, there are signs of decay.

OCR Stays At 1%: Be Careful What You Wish For

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has kept the OCR at 1% for now. Here’s why fiddling with interest rates is a more difficult task than you might think.

The U.S. Government Will Continue Drowning In Debt

The accumulation of debt is probably the greatest national security crisis in America. Why aren’t we talking about it more?

The End of the Longest Economic Expansion in History

We have a enjoyed a record bull run. It’s the longest expansion of our economy since the Second World War. But there are signs now that it’s ending.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Alan Greenspan is a name you will surely recognise. His tenure at the Federal Reserve saw the rise of easy-money policies. Here are the consequences.

The U.S. Money Trail Leads to the Dark Death Ship of Debt

All you have to do is follow the money, and you’ll start to see what’s wrong with America today. Fake trade deals. Escalating debt. Bad promises.

Negative Interest Rates Don’t Increase Overall Wealth

As interest rates drop, borrowing increases. It becomes easier and easier to get into debt. But is this addiction a healthy one?

Negative Interest Rates Could Be the New Normal

Just a generation ago, negative interest rates would have been unthinkable. But that’s the reality we’re seeing today, with dire consequences.

The U.S. Economy Sees Rising Inflation

Inflation is rising in the United States, fuelled by low interest rates and fake money. How much more can the economy bear?

Reflecting on the Creation of the Funny Money Standard

It’s a sad day. Paul Adolph Volcker, the last honest chairman of the Fed, has just passed away. America certainly needed more men like him.

Central Banks Create Money out of Nowhere

Central banks are treating money as if it grows on trees. They are obsessed about lowering interest rates and raising debt levels, with dire consequences…

Interest Rate Surprise Highlights the Real Risk

In an unexpected move, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has kept the OCR interest rate fixed at 1%. What does this mean for the Kiwi economy?

SoftBank’s Fall Foreshadows More Business Collapses to Come

The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank has run into serious turbulence. Here’s why this issue is just a prelude of something much worse.

The Fed Must Offer More Repo Credit as More People Take It

This morning, Thanks to the Fed, there will be more money than there was yesterday. And yesterday, there was more than the day before.