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America Waits for the Feds to Rescue the Coronavirus-Stricken Economy

Republicans and Democrats are usually at loggerheads. But now the feds are working together to boost government spending. These are extraordinary times.

Federal Reserve Announces Near-Zero Rate Cut In Effort to Curb Coronavirus Effects

The Federal Reserve has slashed interest rates. The last time it happened was in 2008. This is an ominous sign that America’s financial health has never been shakier.

Federal Reserve Rate Cuts, Stimulus Prepare Economy for Recession

We’re in a full-blown Inflate-or-Die economy, with a volatile stock market, low Treasury yields, and dropping transport numbers…

Mike Bloomberg Earned His Money…Honestly?

Despite the backhanded financial gains of his Democratic competitors, Bloomberg seems to be the one under fire. Here’s why he’s feeling the heat.

We Took the Road From Virtue to Manipulation

America was once a nation of financial virtue. We remember the last president who endeavoured to do what was right…and the madness that came after…

Eisenhower Predicted the Fall of the American Republic

When he left office in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower had a grim warning: beware of the rise of an American military-industrial complex.

Money-Printing, Increased Spending Devastate Financial Gains

Last week, stocks finished at an all-time high. But in terms of real money, stocks have been losing value since the start of the millennium.

Debt and Inflation Are Bringing the Economy Down

The Federal Reserve has just gone on another round of debt loading. That’s four straight months of borrowing. What is it leading to?

New Rules for the New Decade

It’s a new year and a new decade. What does the road ahead look like for the American economy? If the past is any indication, it’s more debt and lies.

Reflecting on the Creation of the Funny Money Standard

It’s a sad day. Paul Adolph Volcker, the last honest chairman of the Fed, has just passed away. America certainly needed more men like him.

Central Banks Create Money out of Nowhere

Central banks are treating money as if it grows on trees. They are obsessed about lowering interest rates and raising debt levels, with dire consequences…

The Fed Must Offer More Repo Credit as More People Take It

This morning, Thanks to the Fed, there will be more money than there was yesterday. And yesterday, there was more than the day before.

The Feds Add Liquidity to Sustain Economic Expansion

Are you hoping to retire on the new money coming from the Federal Reserve? Well, guess what. You are likely to be seriously disappointed.

The Feds Interfere in Markets and Multiply Corruption Opportunities

The amounts are staggering. But the process is old and familiar. As the feds interferes in markets, opportunities for corruption multiply.

Rigging the Federal Reserve Made the Rich Richer

The feds had their funny money; they weren’t going to give it up. And they weren’t going to back off from any of their spending.