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Cannabis Upswing: Rua Bioscience [NZX.RUA] Peaks at 5.26%

This New Zealand cannabis company experienced a sharp surge on the stock market today. What’s the reason for all the optimism?

Cannabis Upset: Share Prices Tumble for Cannasouth [NZX:CBD] and Rua [NZX:RUA]

The suspense is over. We now have a strong clue about which way New Zealanders voted on the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.

Cannasouth IPO — A Post-Mortem

On Wednesday, 19 June, the very first public cannabis company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Within 60 minutes of going live, the stock tanked…

First Weed Company to List on the NZX?

Cannasouth is seeking $5 million from invited investors and another $5 million in a public offer. This could end a long listing drought on our bone-dry exchange.

Could NZ Be a World Leader in Cannabis?

Alas, there were no pistols or schematics present…nor were there any joints or bongs…or dreadlocks or ratty hoodies.

The Pot Stock Boom Is No Passing Fad

Why is cannabis illegal? Thinking about this made me want to know more…And let me tell you, what I found truly shocked me…

Your Next Stock Breakthrough: Legal Cannabis in NZ

Big developments in the Kiwi cannabis scene over the past few weeks. Let’s take a quick bird’s eye overview of the situation and players involved.

Society’s Mindset On Cannabis is Changing

Acreage Holdings submitted a 30-second ad proposal they wanted to air during the Super Bowl. But, CBS rejected it. Acreage Holdings is a cannabis firm.

4 Industries in New Zealand Poised to Explode in 2019

Today, let’s reach out to the fringes of the market…to the untested, novel ideas that may shape our future.

Risk Versus Return: How You Can Find the Right Balance

When the publisher suggested that Kiwis are conservative investors, either in terms of portfolio risk or ethics, I was dubious. You’ve got Kiwis out there right now buying houses.

Why Cannabis Could Be Recession Proof

Cannabis investing is a speculative play. Yet while usually in a recession speculative plays don’t do well because money is scarce, we think cannabis could be different.

Forget the 2020 Referendum: Cannabis Investors Want It Legal Now

It’s an emerging idea that we’ve kept a close eye on. Not because we’re personally interested in the product…but because we’ve seen the remarkable returns that cannabis legalisation can bring investors.

NZ’s Housing Market: The Cold, Hard Facts

Frustratingly, it seems like the mainstream media have only one side of the argument to offer — that houses have nowhere to go but up.

How to Tune Your Portfolio With Schumpeter’s Cycle

From an economic perspective, a brand-new industry like cannabis can ignite a period of prosperity. It falls in line with the economic theory of Joseph A Schumpeter.

Will You Be One of NZ’s First Marijuana Millionaires?

For those of you who have been following our coverage of the pot phenomenon, this could be your first foray into an explosive industry.